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Dress up! It boosts self-confidence

Managing full time careers, being busy parents, and everyday life can come in the way of focusing on yourself. However, being well put together can help make you feel good about yourself even on difficult days. So dress up, dress well and get ready for success. Because you are what you wear!

​Sofia Rodriguez
by ​Sofia Rodriguez on Oct 21, 2019

T’was the Night Before: How to Prepare for a Race

As a newbie or a seasoned veteran runner, preparing before a big race is a must for a stress-free run. Preparation not only keeps you ready but helps prevent any unforeseen problems from arising. Thinking of what goes into preparing for the big day, Amazfit’s bringing you advice from avid marathoners themselves.

​Sofia Rodriguez
by ​Sofia Rodriguez on Oct 15, 2019

#EverydayAmazing Q & A with Jake Kodish

Trained in all forms of dance from ballet, to lindy hop, to house, Jake has become known for his signature popping and contemporary hip hop. We sat down with him to know what keeps him going and inspires him to do something #EverydayAmazing.

​Sofia Rodriguez
by ​Sofia Rodriguez on Jul 18, 2019

Find your flow with these 7 tips

Everyone envisions finding their dream job, getting paid doing what they love. It’s probably the most sought out quest in a human’s career. The thought of sitting behind a desk counting down the hours and minutes until that clock strikes 5PM, or being around coworkers we hate is dreadful.

​Sofia Rodriguez
by ​Sofia Rodriguez on Jun 27, 2019

Active dads = Active kids

Getting your kids to exercise and have a fitness routine is one of the things that parents have to worry about. There’s no question the role that a father plays in the household and in their children’s lives. Strength, leadership, discipline, and balance are some of the qualities instilled into the kids with Dad around. Equally important is how Dad’s impact their offspring to lead active lifestyles from a young age. 

​Sofia Rodriguez
by ​Sofia Rodriguez on Jun 12, 2019
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