October 12th, 2016 | Fitness

10 Ways to Hit 10,000 Steps A Day

We often find ourselves feeling a bit disappointed towards the end of the day when we realize we're far from hitting our daily step goal. 

We thought it would be helpful to put together this quick (maybe even obvious!) list of tips to help you achieve your daily activity goal. Get a jump on your steps by starting right away. Like they say, it's always good to start the day on the right foot!

1.  Take the stairs.  Avoid taking the elevator and opt for the stairs instead! A few extra flights of stairs each day can add up and can really strengthen your lower body!

2.  Park far away.  Park your car in the back of the parking lot, or a block away from your destination and take a few extra steps getting to and from places.  

3.  Drink water.  Fill up on water every hour. The steps can add up to 1,000 steps throughout the day, depending on how far you sit from the kitchen!

4.  Take a walk.  A brisk, fifteen minute walk can accrue about 1,000 steps, and it s just 15 minutes that you can easily carve out of any day. If you have a dog, take him/her out for an extra walk in the afternoon!

5.  Do your chores.  Watching TV? Take a walk around the house to do some chores during each commercial break. Take your vitamins, do the laundry, or dust the furniture. Done with chores? Do few sets of squats or lunges right in front of the TV.

6.  Grab a drink.  Everyone feels a little drowsy after a big dinner so go out and grab a drink! Whether it's tea, juice, or alcohol, the choice is yours (we don't judge)! Walk a few blocks out of your way to treat yourself to a little something.

7.  Clean the house.  If it s too late to go out for a walk, stay inside and clean! Complete only one chore at a time - so if you need to throw out the trash and tidy up the garage, take two trips to do it. Walking around and tidying up the house can help you walk off a few hundred to even a thousand steps - and leave you with a sparkling home to wake up to in the morning!

8.  Walk in place.  Waiting for your tea to boil, watching a movie, or the cooking dinner? Walk in place while you do it. While you're at it - put on a little music and rock out at home!

9.  Phone a friend.  Hop on Facebook or call up a friend and ask them if they want to meet up for a little walk. Having a walking/workout partner will make it easier to get you up and out of the house. You can also make it a friendly competition by walking slightly faster than your partner to see if they can keep up!

10.  Window shop.  Only need to pick up a few items at the grocery store? Browse each aisle of the grocery store - even if you don't need to pick anything up. You'll remember anything you might have forgotten, and pick up an extra few hundred steps in doing so!

Have any other tips or tricks that help you get your extra steps in? Write in below with your fitness tips!

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Joe Rosenthal, Head of Rosenthal Sport & Fitness

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