November 15th, 2016 | Fitness, Wellness

7 Ways to Be More Active In the Office

It happens to everyone - you come into work, and somehow 5 hours later you're still sitting in the same position you were when you got in.  Try these tips to make sure you're active throughout your work day!

We all know we should be more active throughout the day. Unfortunately, for a large majority of us, we are locked down at a desk or in a cubicle for 8 hours...or more. If you’re looking for a few tips to being just a little more active in the office, try these out for a week - and you’ll be surprised how much more energized you’ll feel!

1.  Take Breaks. Take a quick break once an hour while you’re at work - and head over to the fridge for a glass of water. Take the long way over, if you’re running really low on steps! Don’t be light exercises like side stepping, high knees, or body hugs.

2.  Walking Meetings. Have a regular meeting in the office? Instead of using a conference room, change it up and take your meetings on-the-go! Walking meetings can energize you and provide you with more focus and energy throughout the day. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes.

3. Take the Stairs. Take the stairs whenever you can. It’s only a few minutes that you spend waiting to squeeze into the elevator so many times a day - so why not spend the equivalent amount of time taking the stairs instead? It is also a great way to to work on shaping up your legs and glutes.

4.  Take the Long Way. Take the long way into the office. Do you usually park close to the exit and take the elevator up? Motivate yourself with small changes - park your car a little farther away, and walk your way up a few flights of stairs into the office.

5.  Walk at Lunch. Go for a walk at lunch! If you’re lucky enough to have a park near your office, walk to the park and spend your lunch hour strolling the grounds. If you’re not within walking distance of a park, drive over to the nearest park, mall, or field and take a little time for a stroll. Pack a light snack and take a mental break for an hour - you’ll come back into the office refreshed and energized!

6. Stretch. Stretching can be one of the most natural ways of energizing the body - so before you reach for your first cup of coffee in the morning, try stretching out your body for a quick five minutes. As you control your breathing, you’ll be surprised by how much more awake you feel! Don’t forget to stretch again around 2 PM - when tiredness typically peaks - in the afternoon.

7. Don’t Slouch & Sit. When we sit for extended periods of time the body will naturally want to stay in that position. Try standing up while you work - the best way to accomplish this is to set yourself up with an ergonomic desk. If you do not have access to a stand up desk, hinge at your hips and keep your back flat. This position will workout your hamstrings, glutes, and core. And lastly, if you can’t stand, then sit on a ball. The ball will automatically engage your core muscles while you work - great for burning calories and strengthening your core!

Have you heard of the phrase, “sitting is the new smoking”? What do you think of it? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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