Elaine Oyang

Yoga and Nutritional Therapist

Elaine had always known that she was born to heal people and change their lives, and she found that through her work as a yoga therapy teacher and nutrition consultant. After graduating from Harvey Mudd College with a degree in Biology, she pursued her passion of teaching yoga. With over ten years of practice, experience, and continuing education on functional anatomy, meditation, nutrition, and yoga therapy, Elaine brings her knowledge of wellness to the forefront when working with her students and clients. She is passionate about helping people go above and beyond their chronic pain, sleep problems, and digestive issues so that they can live an active and full life. Visit her site: elaineyoga.com

Elaine Oyang's Stories

Essential Yoga Poses at Work - Part II

It's National Yoga Month, and with it we're bringing you part two of our series on yoga poses to try at work. We take a look at more yoga poses that can help to relieve tension and promote clarity in your work day. Incorporate these poses into your work day - you'll be surprised how powerful a few yoga poses can be!

Elaine Oyang
by Elaine Oyang on Sep 29, 2016

Essential Yoga Poses at Work - Part I

Sore lower back? Tense shoulders? Tight hips? You are not alone. Most of us spend the hours between 9am to 5pm sitting in front of the computer, in addition to more sitting during TV time and commute time. However, we don't pay much attention to our postures when sitting.

Elaine Oyang
by Elaine Oyang on Aug 23, 2016
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