Eric Cote

Osteopath, photographer and blogger.

Husband and father of three, he has a passion for running and mountains. He fully assumes his geek and foodie status.

Eric Cote's Stories

The Long Run

Our friend, and enthusiastic Amazfit user Eric Cote is embarking on his first 100-mile trail run this summer — a formidable challenge that has taken Eric on a tireless, three-year journey of training and preparation.

Eric Cote
by Eric Cote on Jul 18, 2018

Summer Fitness Challenge Athlete Profile: Eric Cote #AmazfitChallenge

Being a father of three, it’s not always easy to find the time to train. The evenings often mean being a taxi driver for the kids’ activities. That’s where I was, six years ago. Going up a flight of stairs was leaving me out of breath. I had some minor health issues, mostly due to inactivity and being overweight. It was time for a change.

Eric Cote
by Eric Cote on Jun 25, 2018
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