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Linda Cheng

Social Media and Content Manager

Linda writes, crafts and curates Amazfit's digital media content. When she's not building bridges with partners, planning social campaigns, or typing up a storm, she's searching for her next big hobby. From aerial yoga to Brazilian martial arts, she'll try anything twice — except underwater hockey, write that off as a one-hit K.NO. 

Linda Cheng's Stories

Fit Recipe: Strawberry Date Truffles

Truffles are a classic treat for Valentine's Day and beyond. If you're looking for a healthier alternative, here's a recipe made with 100% raw ingredients. Form the "chocolate" mold with dates, cacao powder and almonds. Then, top it with homemade strawberry cashew cream and a sprinkle of coconut flakes. Bon appétit, it's that easy.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Feb 14, 2017

Valentine Gifts for Her, Him and You

It doesn't matter if you have a sidekick or soulmate, we could all use some giftspiration guidance. Give a present to a loved one, or treat yourself to some extra self-love. Here’s a hit list of great gifts to show him, her or yourself a little TLC.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Feb 09, 2017

Feel Your Best: the Happiness Formula

We spend a lot of time and money on physical strength - the health club industry alone makes over $81 billion a year. There’s much less focus on mental strength, despite it being the driving factor in achieving physical goals. You can't reach your fullest potential without setting the stage for success. Here's what you can do to build a strong mind and emotional backbone.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Feb 03, 2017

Gurus Advise: Feel Your Best

Feeling good doesn't always come naturally. When life gets you down, it isn't always easy to bounce back up. Like staying in shape, emotional wellness is a muscle that needs to be worked on. Here's what our panel of lifestyle bloggers, pro trainers, and wellness gurus do to cultivate happiness.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Jan 30, 2017


All New Year resolutions have one thing in common. They’re stepping stones towards a better version of yourself. At Amazfit, we’re all about making your "best self" journey easier; whether it’s counting up your steps, measuring your target heart rate, or following your run distance. We help track your goals to make your health journey more attainable and digestible. Join us in our #BestSelf Challenge, where we conquer a topic of wellness each week with expert POVs, habits for success, and roadblocks to watch out for. Without further ado, here’s 6 steps towards your best self.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Jan 02, 2017


Wake up to the future.

You’re greeted by your favorite song, stirring you awake just as your sleep cycle ends. As your eyes flutter open, your coffee machine kicks into action. You slip out of bed feeling warm and cozy, your place is already heated/cooled to your perfect temperature.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Dec 27, 2016

Checking In

Count every heartbeat, every heart counts. Plot twists are paved in the road ahead, but we have the vision to guide you through.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Dec 21, 2016

Working Late

Any problem worth conquering will have struggle. The important thing is how we see it — as a short-term obstacle, or part of a stairway to innovation.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Dec 15, 2016

Gift Guide: The Style Guru

The number one rule for a Style Guru: look good to feel good. Here are the closet essentials on every trendsetter's feel-good wish list.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Dec 13, 2016

Gift Guide: The Thrill Seeker

Thrill seekers are always hopping from one heart-pounding adventure to the next. What do you get an explorer who bores easily and craves instant gratification? To start, you'll need a multi-tasking gift that boasts speed and efficiency. Check out these one-stop tools that pack a punch.

Linda Cheng
by Linda Cheng on Dec 08, 2016
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