November 27th, 2019

Balancing the Binge: 5 Tips to recover from the Thanksgiving feast

The wait is over! It's time for the Thanksgiving feast - the macaroni and cheese, stuffing and desserts galore. For one evening, the calories don’t count and there’s no such thing as a stomach. While it’s all fun and games enjoying endless food, the days to come may not be as delightful. Here is exactly how you can get over this over indulgence and jump back on track: 

Workout -

Doing some light exercise or walking is going to make you feel comfortable after eating. It'll also help stimulate your digestive system to move the food along!  Go for a walk after the Thanksgiving dinner or do some light cardio the next day. Get back to your daily exercise routine from the next day but don't try to over compensate for all the eating.

Drink water -

Drinking enough water not only helps with bloating but also aid in digestion. Plus drinking water will make you feel fuller and help avoid any over-eating that may happen because of all the delicious food on the table!

Eat regularly - 

After the Thanksgiving feast, continue your normal diet. Don't try to alter your diet or go on an intermittent fasting. Your body will slowly get back to normal and do a self detox.

Don't stuff the leftovers -

Whatever happens on Thanksgiving table should stay on the Thanksgiving table. Don't try to finish off the left overs the next day! If you don't want to the food going waste, consume it in smaller quantities or make enough to only last Thanksgiving.

Avoid stress -

Don't be too hard on yourself if you fall off the track for a few days. Enjoy the holiday thoroughly and then get back on track. Take help from your trainer to plan your routine to work of the additional calories consumed.

Punishing yourself is not the solution for getting rid of the Thanksgiving Binge. Instead, moving forward and having no regrets over the time spent with loved ones is what matters. 

Remember that one day isn’t going to delete all of the hard work you’ve put in to your fitness. At the end of the day, your mindset will help you recover in the most effective way.

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​Sofia Rodriguez, Fitness & Health Expert

Sofia Rodriguez is a Fitness & Health Expert in the VA/DC area. She has a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology and has worked with cardiac, cancer, diabetic, and injury rehab patients in the past. She is a Certified Personal Trainer ranked among top trainers in the country with many years of experience training clients for weight loss, muscle gain, and overall health. Sofia has been the go-to expert on many TV morning shows, has been featured in several magazines and online publications such as Forbes & Huffington Post, is a published fitness writer, a fitness model, and specializes in bodybuilding and nutrition. She is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish and English.

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