January 2nd, 2017 | Wellness


All New Year resolutions have one thing in common. They’re stepping stones towards a better version of yourself. At Amazfit, we’re all about making your "best self" journey easier; whether it’s counting up your steps, measuring your target heart rate, or following your run distance. We help track your goals to make your health journey more attainable and digestible. Join us in our #BestSelf Challenge, where we conquer a topic of wellness each week with expert POVs, habits for success, and roadblocks to watch out for. Without further ado, here’s 6 steps towards your best self.

Move Your Best
On our first week, we'll tackle Physical and Environmental Wellness.

Eat Your Best
During the second week, we'll take on Physical and Intellectual Wellness.

Work Your Best
This third week will conquer Occupational Wellness and work-life balance.

Feel Your Best
The focus for the fourth week will be on Emotional Wellness.

Sleep Your Best
On our fifth week, we'll help you sleep by finding peace in Spiritual Wellness.

Be Your Best
It all comes full circle during this last week. All dimensions of Wellness will be molded together in a well-rounded wrap-up.

Why Take The Challenge?

The way to your best self is through an attainable and digestible plan of attack.

It doesn’t matter how genuine your intentions are when you make your New Year resolutions. Chances are, you’ll fail if they’re too broad. To succeed, you need to break them down into specific and trackable actions. These actions, when carried out consistently, will lead you to your broader goal. 

For example, with every resolution (“get fit”), there’s a micro-goal you can set as a trackable action (“walk 10,000 steps a day”). These micro-goals feed into your resolution. As you hit them consistently over time, they eventually become habit.

The new year’s just begun, step up to your best self. How do you move, eat, work, feel, sleep, and be your best? Show us by tagging us and using the hashtag #BestSelf across social media.

Now, let’s get moving!

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Linda Cheng, Social Media and Content Manager

Linda graduated from the University of California, Irvine with three majors in Psychology, Urban Studies, and Social Ecology, as well as a minor in Global Sustainability. Her goal is to promote sustainable healthy living by providing the resources needed for success. Using smart data services and motivational psychology, she aims to move users towards long-term lifestyle changes for better health and fitness.

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