December 21st, 2016 | Product News

Checking In

Count every heartbeat, every heart counts. Plot twists are paved in the road ahead, but we have the vision to guide you through.

Universal healthcare is possible through wearable technology. Our goal has always been to make high-end activity tracking accessible and affordable to everyone. We envision a future where money is no longer a gateway to better health, and we’ve invested to make this happen

We're demolishing the gates that block us from better health: money, comfort and convenience. Moonbeam and Equator are the most comfortable trackers on the market, Arc provides instant heart rate and activity monitoring for under $50, and Pace is among the few running smartwatches that offer so many features at such a competitive price point. Let us help you on your fitness journey by providing the exact tool you need to fit your lifestyle.

Beyond fitness wearables, we have our minds set on smart apparel and clinical-grade ECG monitoring. We’ll take real-time updates to the next level, so you can check in with your loved ones anytime, anywhere.

Our path is clear — universal healthcare is possible through wearable technology. The doctors are in, and we’re bringing them to you.

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Linda Cheng, Social Media and Content Manager

Linda graduated from the University of California, Irvine with three majors in Psychology, Urban Studies, and Social Ecology, as well as a minor in Global Sustainability. Her goal is to promote sustainable healthy living by providing the resources needed for success. Using smart data services and motivational psychology, she aims to move users towards long-term lifestyle changes for better health and fitness.

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