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Gurus Advise: Eat Your Best

Whether you live to eat or eat to live, there's no doubt that healthy food and a healthy life are closely tied. You are what you eat, so let's make it good! Our favorite food, lifestyle, and fitness bloggers teach us what "Eat Your Best" means to them. What does "good food" look like for you?


What does "Eat Your Best" mean to you?


The most import aspect of nutrition for me is two fold; Make sure to eat as much unprocessed food as possible and everything in moderation. At first glance, processed food seems fine, but the long term effects of the chemicals and preservatives are endless. As a fitness professional, I tell my clients to get active now for long term benefits. Eating is no different. Eat as clean as you can now, or you will regret it later. The second part of eating my best is making sure everything is in moderation. Eat the foods you love, just make sure to have some self control and know your portion sizes.

Joe Rosenthal

Owner of Rosenthal Sports and Fitness

Eating my best means avoiding foods that make me feel bad. It also means trying to make each meal as nutrient dense as possible. My husband and I often cook at home, which makes that easy to control. It's harder when eating out, but I've found a happy medium of enjoying company and celebrating, but respecting my eating and drinking decisions.

Natalie Gantz

Creative force behind The Gantzery

I feel better when I eat a lot of fresh produce. Living plants full of vitamins, and water. Fruits and veggies. The more the better. However... There is nothing that I absolutely don't allow myself to eat. I just eat really healthy as often as possible. I love salads, fruits.

Harmony Calhoun

Model & Rock Climber. Founder of @climbing_is_my_passion

To me, "eat your best" means to making healthier and delicious choices that will keep me healthy, while still satisfying my foodie cravings. 

Mindy Fong

Food blogger @oishiimoments

Ooh, that's a tough one. I still don't think I've found the perfect balance between healthy eating and 'treats'. I'm making finding that balance a priority in 2017, but I think that eating my best means fueling my body. Sometimes, I want an Oreo, and if I don't eat the entire sleeve, I don't think that's a problem. You can eat pizza and it be healthy as well,  I think a lot of people confuse eating your best with eating broccoli and baked white fish, and that's not the case. I think the ideal would be eating wholesome foods that are full of flavor and have a bit of everything. One of my favorite people to follow is Zanna Van Dijk (she's also so down to earth and lovely in person as well, and she's stunning!) She always says moderation not deprivation, which is so true. I think it's the same as finding work-life balance. You need to recognize when you need a little treat, allow it, and get over it!

Hailey Bettencourt

Fitness Pro and CEO @HaileyBettencourtFitness

Eating my best means focusing on eating whole foods, balancing my blood sugar, plenty of water, and absolutely no refined sugar or processed foods

Kasin Anton

Nutritionist and Blogger at A Time to Thrive with Kasin

Eating a balanced diet. I don’t believe in cutting food groups! In fact, it drives me CRAZY when people criticize carbs. Yes, white bread isn’t the best option, but there’s nothing wrong with a potato. It’s not the potato that’s the problem - it’s the butter and sour cream you put in it! I’m all about eating foods from each and every food group for breakfast, lunch, AND dinner. That means eating healthy fats (avocados, natural peanut butter, nuts), eating carbs, and getting enough calories each day to keep my energy up. I’m not a fan of starving myself! I will NEVER do that to my body. Remember, strong is sexy!

Kimberly Kong

Pianist, Teacher, and Lifestyle Blogger at The Sensible Stylista

I know what makes me feel good. I know what doesn't. Ideally, a COMPLETELY unprocessed day would be perfect. Fresh fruit and veggies, no fried foods, and of course, a nice cup of organic coffee. I always feel my best on vacation in warm places, and I attribute that to to the access to fresh food.

Lisa Hayim

Nutrition Wellness Expert at The Well Necessities

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