June 27th, 2019

Find your flow with these 7 tips

Everyone envisions finding their dream job, getting paid doing what they love. It’s probably the most sought out quest in a human’s career. The thought of sitting behind a desk counting down the hours and minutes until that clock strikes 5PM, or being around coworkers we hate is dreadful.

How can we discover happiness in what we do from day to day, or figure out what it is that makes us happy enough to be in the state of “flow”?

Amazfit strives to help you do so! Below we offer 7 tips on how to find your flow:

Keep Moving

In order to clear your mind and think straight, start your day with a brisk walk and get those endorphins pumping. Having a fresh, unclouded mindset is the first step in your journey towards finding your flow.

Do what you love

If you haven't found your calling yet, think of what makes you tick. What is it that you enjoy doing and that makes you happy? Do things that naturally put you in a state of zen. Focus on that and work towards your goal.


Focus on what's important. Don't worry about other things. We all have the tendency to do take on a lot of work and  busy work when we are fearful of tackling big goals but it is important to push those to the side and take on what is essential.

Find the best time

Everyone functions better in a certain time frame. Figure out when you are most alert and motivated, and complete your jobs or tasks then.

Don't let anything come in between

Multitasking only takes away your attention from what's necessary. Don’t let yourself get distracted. Learn to choose between what's important and what can wait. When you are working, don't think about anything else and when you are on a break, don't get bothered by work!

Focus on the journey

Appreciate and concentrate on the process and NOT the 'final destination.' Enjoy the process of finding your 'calling' and honing your skill. The path to the destination will be more rewarding!

Enjoy every moment

At the end of the day, you WANT to be happy right?! If you aren’t having fun, then move onto the next subject. Perhaps this isn’t the job or way you will find your Flow.

Flow is the mental state where you are fully in tune with the task at hand and that's why it is important for productivity and happiness. You will become more efficient which translates into a better quality of life and lack of wasted time.

Getting “in the zone” will eventually come naturally if you have a game-plan and don’t give up. It wont be perfect at first, but keep practicing, keep at it and you will find your flow or figure out what you REALLY love to do!

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​Sofia Rodriguez, Fitness & Health Expert

Sofia Rodriguez is a Fitness & Health Expert in the VA/DC area. She has a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology and has worked with cardiac, cancer, diabetic, and injury rehab patients in the past. She is a Certified Personal Trainer ranked among top trainers in the country with many years of experience training clients for weight loss, muscle gain, and overall health. Sofia has been the go-to expert on many TV morning shows, has been featured in several magazines and online publications such as Forbes & Huffington Post, is a published fitness writer, a fitness model, and specializes in bodybuilding and nutrition. She is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish and English.

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