April 27th, 2017 | Wellness

For You: The Moms Of Amazfit

We’re always inspired by our Amazfit family, especially the moms who show us every day what takes to raise another human being. Here are just a handful of their stories and lessons.

Praise Ability Over Appearance

“I think it’s more important for [my daughter’s] self-esteem that I frequently compliment her on her talent, strength and intelligence because these are qualities that will take her far in life. Building my daughter’s self-confidence is deeper than her physical appearance. 

I also want to encourage her to start playing team sport as early as possible… Research shows that girls who play team sport develop higher self-esteem since they’re too focused on developing their skills to seek validation from boys.”

Tigisti Weldeab of BellaDivaLifestyle

Give Time for Self-Care

"As a mom to a newborn I have baby weight on the mind, but I know I need to help my body recover before I jump straight into working out again. Keeping track of my steps and making sure I take frequent walks has been the way I’ve been easing into things before I get the okay from my doctor to start running again."

Rebecca Kelsey

Balance Family Time

"Balancing family time often looks like reading books to June in her room and choosing to stay off of my phone. June loves to read. Her current favorite book is this silly little book with all black and white drawings of animals and things. She makes all the sounds they do and sniffs the page with flowers on it every time... Not that the page actually smells good or anything... she just thinks it's what you're supposed to do."

Brooke Courtney

Provide A Healthy Start

“So many people we passed while hiking said, "good job starting them young!" Our response, "yes exactly!" I guess it's easier right now with her being so tiny and light. I need to get in excellent shape so we can keep carrying her around!”

Carly Walton of The Walton Story

Take Small Steps

"I am a work-from-home mom and for some odd reason I’m not great at exercising on a regular basis. The gyms near me are either not up to par on their childcare or have no childcare at all so I’m stuck at home... Even though I am not a crossfit queen or marathon runner, I am in love with my Amazfit.... It reminds me that I need to get extra steps in or be a little more active. These are my baby steps back to getting into a full-on workout routine."

Hi Lovely

Make A Space to Grow

"In raising my kiddos the one thing I focus on is helping them figure out what their personal talents are and how they can use those talents to help others. I have raised  - am still raising - a screenwriter, a Marine, a yoga instructor, and future game designer. Regardless of what they do for a living, I encourage them always to live a life filled with love, gratitude, creativity, and compassion. Plus, healthy eating and plenty of exercise."

Heather of Greens And Tea

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Happy Mother's Day!

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