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For You: Friends and Family

From sweaty hikes to climbing stairs during lunch break, we've traveled thousands of miles together. After everything we've been through, we consider you all part of our friends and family. Step-by-step, we're glad to be the fitness wearable you chose to support your healthier lifestyle. Here's a tribute to some of the many fitness journeys we've been honored to be a part of!

"The grown up and busy mompreneur me knows that fitness is more than just exercise – it’s getting quality sleep, it’s eating nutritious food and it’s more than just looking good in your skinny jeans – it’s being holistically healthy, strong and confident. As a working mom of a toddler, I’ve also realized that exercise is movement in all its forms. I don’t have time to spend two hours at the gym every day but I incorporate movement in my daily life more than ever before. I schedule my toddler’s play dates outdoors so I can play and run with her instead of watching TV. I go for long walks with friends instead of meeting at the coffee shop. I also try to do as much of my errands on foot, take stairs and go on hikes for dates with my hubby.

I also realize that exercise is cumulative. Every little effort I make to move my body – even 5-10 minutes at a time counts, because a few minutes here and there add up to big results over time. So I no longer say “what’s the point if I’m not gonna sweat and hurt after a workout”. My goal now is to maintain a more balanced and holistic lifestyle.

Between working full time, blogging, and managing family life, keeping up with my fitness goals hasn’t been easy. So for the past six weeks, I’ve been relying on my Amazfit to hold me accountable by tracking my daily steps, calories burned and how much quality sleep I’m actually getting."

Tigisti Weldeab

“For me, my days all look a little different. I work at our 'walk in love.' studio twice a week when my parents watch [my daughter] June.  Sometimes I have extra photoshoots for friends and family throughout my week. Or playdates with Junie and her friends. But most of the time there are always several categories I work hard to keep balanced in my daily life - food, family time and fitness. The latter certainly being the hardest for me. I mean, c'mon... running? It's the worst!

[With Amazfit] I have loved having a way to track my steps, calories and sleep over the last several weeks, all while stacking it like a bracelet next to my other cute accessories. It has been fascinating to track my light sleep and deep sleep, and how they correlate with how I feel the next morning. My goal, of course, is to always feel as happy when I wake up as June does while reading her books. #goals

Working out is not my favorite thing to do. I have gotten better over the years, for sure, and have learned what I do and don't like to do, along with what does and doesn't work for me. But for the most part, it's the little things that all add up. Choosing to walk to work instead of drive, jogging with the stroller on sunny days, and continuing to remind myself that it's all a journey. Oh, and that being able to make humans is an incredible thing, and that I shouldn't be too hard on myself for weight gained in the process.”

Brooke Courtney

"My recent move downtown inspired me to start start walking again–something I haven’t done since moving to Chicago six years ago...

Whether it’s walking to lunch, the grocery store, or gym, or with your dog, find something you can walk to each day. This is especially important when temps drop and it’s so easy to drive to work, sit at a desk all day, and then head home.... Halfway through the day, I’ll pull up my Amazfit app and see how I’m doing. If I’m low on steps or it’s just too cold to go for a long walk, I’ll pace around a bit and will be sure to get that workout in. It’s so easy not to get to the gym or to your favorite class, but finding something you love will help you stick to it."

Danielle Moss

"When we are in different countries and on totally opposite time zones, our Amazfits keep us connected! We can still be our competitive selves and compare our steps and calories burned from our days and keep away the relationship gut."

Crystal Lanier and Trevor Michael Wentworth

Thank you for your amazing support. As a token of our appreciation, we secured a special promo code "MYFRIEND" you can apply at checkout for 35% off. Cheers to the healthy lifestyle we'll reach together!
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Linda Cheng, Social Media and Content Manager

Linda graduated from the University of California, Irvine with three majors in Psychology, Urban Studies, and Social Ecology, as well as a minor in Global Sustainability. Her goal is to promote sustainable healthy living by providing the resources needed for success. Using smart data services and motivational psychology, she aims to move users towards long-term lifestyle changes for better health and fitness.

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