May 4th, 2020

Get your momma moving with these amazing Mother's Day gifts!

Each spring, mothers across the globe excitedly count down days until Mother’s Day. This is one day that the kids and spouses make special for them and show the wonderful moms how much they mean. This year, we thought we'll help you select a gift that will put the focus back on these supermoms! Here are some gift ideas that'll help the mommas get moving and take care of their health:


Keep mom motivated by making her look good and feel good. Gift her some fashionable athletic wear. You could also buy her a gift card from a local boutique shop and let mom shop for her favorite athleisure online!

A smartwatch

How about getting her something that helps her keep track of her fitness? We're talking about gifting her an Amazfit GTS! With so many colors to choose from and so many features, it's sure to get mom feeling #fashionablyfit!

Recipe Book

Help mom keep her nutrition intake in check while whipping up some tasty delicacies for herself by gifting her a healthy recipe book. Encourage your mom to also keep her nutrition on track with healthy recipes, preferably utilizing her favorite type of food like Mexican or Desserts! There are substitutions available to let her still enjoy her food and more likely to stick to it. 

At-home spa sets

During this time, chances are your mom hasn’t gotten her hair, toes, nails, or anything beauty related done. Treat her to a spa day set up in the home. Buy a pedicure or manicure set and research the steps to a simple one that can be done by you or another family member. 

Fitness Programs

Sign her up for an online fitness class! There are plenty in-person classes happening but with the current situation and lot of trainers are providing virtual video classes too! In fact, you could workout together and spend time together.

Gardening Supplies

If your mom is into up-keeping her yard, get her some new supplies! Get her some in-season fruits, flowers and veggies that she can plant and watch them grow. Studies show gardening is very good for mental health!

Ultimately, whatever you get her, make sure you pamper her on her special day and show her the love and appreciation she deserves!

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​Sofia Rodriguez, Fitness & Health Expert

Sofia Rodriguez is a Fitness & Health Expert in the VA/DC area. She has a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology and has worked with cardiac, cancer, diabetic, and injury rehab patients in the past. She is a Certified Personal Trainer ranked among top trainers in the country with many years of experience training clients for weight loss, muscle gain, and overall health. Sofia has been the go-to expert on many TV morning shows, has been featured in several magazines and online publications such as Forbes & Huffington Post, is a published fitness writer, a fitness model, and specializes in bodybuilding and nutrition. She is bilingual, speaking fluent Spanish and English.