November 30th, 2018 | Gift Guide

Gift Giving Guidance/Give the #GiftnessofFitness

Find the perfect fitness gift for your loved ones. Help friends and family lead active, healthy lives this year!

A healthy lifestyle is the best gift anyone can receive, so join Amazfit this Holiday season for giving the #GiftnessofFitness! Amazfit will help you find the best fitness gift for your loved ones. Before you go looking for gifts, chat with one of our fitness experts for free advice on what fitness gifts will help your friends and family lead healthier lives. 

Starting from 12/1 until 12/22, our health and fitness experts will help you understand how you and your friends and family can benefit from a healthy lifestyle. These experts will help you find the perfect fitness present - different types of fitness activities to lead a healthy lifestyle, how to get started, the type of equipment and clothing you will need, etc. Just ask away. Our experts will be available on Amazfit’s official Facebook messenger from 3-7PM PST (Mon-Fri) to answer all your questions regarding your Christmas gifts.

The Gift of Fitness is not just a gift, it is a priceless investment that someone will never forget. Take advantage of this concierge service that will not only give personalized advice for fitness gift-giving but also help your loved ones jumpstart their healthy journey.

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Kendra Beavis, Designer, Marketer & Amateur Fitness Enthusiast

Kendra Beavis was trained in the Swiss method of design at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia where she earned a BFA in Graphic Design. She has over 15 years of web design, social media management and marketing and branding. She is a mother of 2 and a fitness enthusiast. @thinkmoka

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