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December 13th, 2016

Gift Guide: The Style Guru

The number one rule for a Style Guru: look good to feel good. Here are the closet essentials on every trendsetter's feel-good wish list.

  1. Black Orchid. Tom Ford. $14.95. 
  2. White Core with Silver Necklace. Ours. $17.49.
  3. Black Core with Black Necklace. Ours. $13.99.
  4. Lip Kit. Kylie Cosmetics. $30.
  5. Fur Vest (similar). Topshop. $125.
  6. Leather Trousers. Saint Laurent. $2890.
  7. White choker. Vanessa Mooney. $29.
  8. Water Bottle. Kate Spade. $30.
  9. Lace Up Boots. Iron Days. $135.
  10. Wireless Ebony Wood Troubadours. LSTN. $180.

Back to basics - the best wardrobe staples can be worn many different ways. Necklace by day and bracelet by night, the Moonbeam and Equator adapt to any place and time.

Pucker up with nude shades by day, shady wines by night. The Kylie Lip Kit has all the shades (and shade) you need to paint the town red, wine, and mauvey-brown. Nothing gets people looking like boots with the fur, so snag a fur vest to match with signature heeled booties.

Back to black - as your classy self is sassing the streets, turn heads with the scent of Black Orchid. Juxtapose black with white, leather pants with velvet chokers to show how opposites attract.

All your problems come from not drinking enough water. Remember you need to feel good to look good, and staying hydrated is easy when your water bottle matches your accessories.

When it comes to your headphone game, go hard (life’s too short for bad music). We’re knockin’ on wood with our current faves. They sing, we LSTN.

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Linda Cheng, Social Media and Content Manager

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