November 18th, 2016 | Gift Guide

Gift Guide: The Techie Designer

Introducing our 2016 Gift Guide, where we tackle the toughest crowds to shop for so you don't have to. We've all got a Techie Designer in our life: savvy, smart, and on top of all the latest gadgets and digi-trends. Shopping for one can be a tough code to crack, but we’re here to unwrap the formula. We teamed up with our top tech innovators and designers to bring you our first Christmas hit list.

  1. Flannel. Uniqlo. $29.90
  2. Waterproof and Tear-resistant Dot Graph Notebook. Field Notes. $9.95
  3. L’homme by YSL, Black Orchid by Tom Ford. Scentbird. $14.95
  4. Credit Card Folding Safety Knife. Cardsharp. $25
  5. Self-stirring Mug. Fancy. $17
  6. Topas Stealth Multiwheel. Rimowa. $1625
  7. Electric Skateboard. Boost Board. $999
  8. Black Equator. Ours. $79.99
  9. Smart Bike Lock. Ellipse. $180

Tooting our own horn, there's no better gift for a designer than an award-winning design - the sleek Equator blends a minimalist form with maximum optimization. Hands down, it's perfect if you want your wearable tech to look as smart as you.

For cyclers, the Ellipse bike lock is another smart device complete with Bluetooth alerts that’ll keep your wheels safe and secure. Prefer four wheels over two? Our Principal Product Designer Denys Nevozhai suggests an Boosted Electric Skateboard.

When it comes to transport, Industrial Designer Ines Le Bihan would love a Topas Stealth Multiwheel. That suitcase packs a punch - along with any travel essentials your heart desires. From tracking to transporting - all inspiration needs a landing page. The Field Notes is our top pick for a virtually indestructible notebook (water- and tear-proof graph paper).

Stirred, not shaken - coffee is staple to every late-night burst of motivation. The Fancy self-stirring mug will hold and keep your Techie’s drink well-blended. It’s a multitasker and nifty conversation-starter, as is the Credit Card Folding Safety Knife.

Finally, we asked the gurus at Scentbird to give us their best scent recs, and they suggested L’homme by YSL for the men, and Black Orchid by Tom Ford for the ladies. Modern, fresh, and woodsy. Perfect smells to pair with some soft flannel - the topper to any Techie wardrobe.

Next up, we'll be featuring picks from the top lifestyle gurus across the social sphere. Stay tuned!

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