December 8th, 2016 | Gift Guide

Gift Guide: The Thrill Seeker

Thrill seekers are always hopping from one heart-pounding adventure to the next. What do you get an explorer who bores easily and craves instant gratification? To start, you'll need a multi-tasking gift that boasts speed and efficiency. Check out these one-stop tools that pack a punch.

1. Arc. Ours. $49.99.

2. Not A Perfume and Moss. Scentbird. $14.95.

3. Wave. Leatherman. $90.

4. Tactical Flashlight Knife. Kootek. $20.

5. Everything Balm. Zoe Organics. $14.

6. Cooler Chair. Cathy's Concepts. $71.

One tap is all it takes — check your heart rate in a heartbeat, along with distance traveled, step count, calories burned, battery and time. Fast and sleek, the Arc is a powerhouse for efficiency. It multitasks as a heart rate monitor, watch, and accelerometer with a 20-day battery life. Form, meet function and speed.

If you want adaptability, Moss and Not a Perfume are pure, earthy scents loved by both men and women. Two birds, one scent.

Imagine a bird with weapons instead of feathers, and you'd have the Wave. With 17 tools inside, this ninja hack-tool makes the swiss-army knife look basic. It's great for popping open an airtight Beer Growler, the hipster's secret to transporting and keeping draft brews fresh.

When night hits and the beer hits harder, it helps to carry a feisty flashlight knigo stay lit and protected. Skin protection is another story, but we found an Everything Balm that works on scrapes, burns, rashes, insect bites, as well as a barrier from wind and moisture.

Where does all this multipurpose adventure gear go? Answer: the multi-tasking king of backpacks, coolers and chairs. It’ll keep your drinks chill, as you chill on it. Case closed.

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