February 27th, 2017 | Wellness

Gurus Advise: Be Your Best

We've reached the end of our #BestSelf series, and leave you with one final question: what difference does wellness make in your everyday life?


How has your journey to wellness changed your life?


It has changed how I feel. When I wake up, I'm full of energy! 

Mindy Fong


I'm healthier and happier and forever grateful. Rock climbing taught me to eat more healthy versus in the past just caring about calories if I felt that I needed to lose weight and be thin as a model. Now I am proud to promote a fit healthy body type. Fitness is beautiful. Rock climbing taught me to eat well, lots of healthy foods, hydrate, make sure I get enough protein, make sure I also rest so muscles, tendons, and body can recover, etc. I'm happy to have found this balance where my body type comes from caring about having a healthy body capable of great things. Fitness is amazing and I encourage everyone to try to find an activity that is very fun for them and is exercise too. It becomes your passion and motivates you. Climbing, snorkeling, surfing, running, biking, hiking, etc. So many activities that are fun! Try new things so you can find one (or more) that you love!

Harmony Calhoun


Searching for my best health has made me feel empowered. I still get bummed out if I catch a cold or feel off, but in general, I recognize that my health is in my control through lifestyle, exercise, sleep, and eating habits..

Natalie Gantz


Fitness, wellness, and health are my life! My passion for these specific areas have taken me places and allowed me to meet the best people imaginable. It started by following in my father’s footsteps. He knew the importance of staying active and healthy. He also found a tremendous amount of joy in passing on his knowledge of fitness and wellness to others. This is exactly what I wanted to do. I want to pass on my knowledge to as many people as possible. Fitness has shaped me into the person I am today and empowers me to take on any adventure I chose.

Joe Rosenthal


Hmm, that's probably a question that requires a bit deeper of an answer, but I'll try to keep it short. My entire life, I've always just been doing what I thought I should do. I liked to read, so I got a degree in English. I didn't really want to do it though, so I casually went to law school to evade the inevitability of 'adulthood'. I was really lost in what I wanted, and at the same time, within myself. Getting into health and wellness not only allowed me to change my mindset, but it allowed me to be able to make decisive decisions, and know why I stood for them. I'm so much more confident in my life choices now, and I feel fine not knowing what will happen next. I don't need to do things for the sake of it, and even as cliche as it sounds, fitness helped me find myself, and I could never be more grateful for all the starts aligning in my life, and this past year and a half

Hailey Bettencourt


It is hard to sum up how my journey to wellness has changed my life. The list is long. To begin with, I used to be addicted to sugar and junk food. I now focus on eating whole foods and rarely eat any sugar. This has resulted in less inflammation and keeping my autoimmune disease under control, a greater ability to handle stress as my emotions are more even, and I physically feel better. Part of my journey to wellness included going back to school to really understand how food affects the body. As a result, this journey allowed me to start my own business, teach classes, empower clients to take control of their own lives and health, and create positive changes in the lives of clients and those around me. I found a career that I absolutely love doing!

Kasin Anton


It’s helped me become a much stronger individual in more ways than one. Our minds, bodies, and souls are linked so it’s imperative that we take utmost care of the aforementioned pieces to live happy and healthy lives!

Kimberly Kong


My priorities are different. I wake up alert, motivated, and happy most of the time. I feel empowered knowing the science behind food I eat and what the choices I make will do for my health. I love to sweat. I don't procrastinate to get to the gym. I have also met so many wonderful people in the same mental place as me. There's nothing better than that.

Lisa Hayim

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