August 22nd, 2016 | Product News

Introducing Amazfit

It's a really big day for us, and we have some exciting news to share with you. We are rolling out our Amazfit Activity + Sleep Tracker.

Today, we re excited to announce the launch of Amazfit. Our Activity + Sleep Tracker is thoughtfully crafted as one of the most light-weight and comfortable fitness trackers you ll ever wear. Let Amazfit help track your accomplishments and support you on a path towards better sleep and healthier habits.

We have a wide range of accessories to fit any occasion and as of today are available  exclusively on Amazon. Check out our White Moonbeam and Black Equator trackers, as well as the six accessories we've designed to match them! Click on the image below to see our trackers in action.


We are looking forward to hearing what you think about Amazfit and your experience with it.

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Amazfit Team

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