October 1st, 2018

Make Your Body Your Business: Pro Player Tips with NFL’er Jared Green - Part I

When it comes to taking it to the next level, Jared Green doesn’t fall short. Having played football almost his whole life from high school, to the collegiate level, all the way up to the pros, he knew average was not in the cards. 

What it takes to be in the NFL is making what everyone else is doing the baseline. Football was not a hobby, a job, or a workout for Jared: It was a LIFESTYLE.

Playing at the highest level there is for football, Jared knew maintaining overall health and fitness was a must. The motto was: “My body is my business.” Everything he did was to obtain the highest level of performance. Jared changed his priorities and adopted a mindset that was on a whole other level.

Performance made a calculated difference in the way he played. For instance, he focused on his speed game because he knew if he was fast they couldn’t reach him on the field. His favorite quote: “Defensive players can’t hit what they can’t catch.”

Among his teammates, Jared was known as “the extreme guy,” adopting many tricks from his Hall-of-Famer Dad, Darrell Green. Looking back, these were his three favorite intense workout routines.

  1. “The Hill” was the infamous workout where he would sprint up hills with no rest, maneuvering quickly up and down, running backwards, doing 15-yard coned sections while timing himself. Jared would attempt to do this in 2.8 seconds, 20 times total. “The Hill” not only improved his speed, endurance, power and agility by constantly giving tension, but challenged his quickness while building his mental toughness. Other pros from around the league learned of this workout, and would travel to train with Jared, asking each other, “are you training with Jared on the hill?”
  2. Jordan Reid, another NFL player, introduced him to another workout in which Jared would run long distances on the sand in Miami and Myrtle Beach – an exhausting task, particularly in the summer heat. This type of workout literally changed his life because it challenged him like nothing else.
  3. Surprisingly, Hot Yoga prepared him most for this high level of performance. When he was on the Cowboys, Jared went to his first hot yoga class, sitting in 120-degree conditions. Not only was it challenging, he realized he wasn’t as flexible as he thought. Jared knew that if he wanted to excel, he had to incorporate this type of non-traditional training.

While Jared encourages everyone to try these, for most people, Jared recommends treadmill interval workouts where one can control the incline and intensity of each run. He suggests setting a steep incline and running for 15 seconds, taking a break for 15 seconds, and performing 10-15 reps at a speed appropriate to your fitness level. Jared believes anyone can do this type of workout, even if they start out at only 5 MPH. These are fast-paced exercises, take 30 minutes at most, utilize full body movements, and don’t require a lot of equipment. Attending a structured gym class may also be a good avenue for someone who wants to try interval training.

He also recommends body weight exercises. Even though people think you have to add a lot of weight to make progress, this is not true. One can do bodyweight squats, pull-ups, push ups, or any other type of movement just by utilizing your body. These types of activities helped Jared a lot, and he encourages these exercises – and it’s a great, easy workout to do in the evenings after work.

Jared emphasizes the importance of keeping shoulders, knees and necks strong. Because he’s an athlete, he tends to think about these parts of the body a lot, but realizes the average person may not, and instead only works on their chest, back and legs. Stretching, band work, medicine ball, kettlebells and muscle-specific training is needed for these sometimes-overlooked body parts.

Stay tuned for part II of our Pro Player Tips with Jared Green – next week!

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