November 22nd, 2016

Meet Pace

The future of running is here.

We’re pleased to bring you the Amazfit Pace, a GPS-enabled smartwatch that makes phone-free running a reality. Our new trailblazer will track your distance, time, pace, calories, speed, cadence, elevation, and more. Listen to music on a Bluetooth headset, get phone notifications, and jog for 35 hours straight with GPS and heart rate monitoring.

Rev Your Routine

Imagine your morning routine, optimized to be phone-free. Wake up to the Pace’s gentle vibrating alarm. Check your sleep quality, the time, and weather by swiping on its touch screen. Pop in some Monster earphones blasting your favorite workout mix, start the stopwatch, and you’re out the door.

Swipe to the compass to make sure you’re headed the right way, but don’t worry about GPS (that’s automatic). If it’s raining, don't sweat it. The Pace is resistant to dust and water with a certified IP67 rating.

No Phone, No Problem

What do you do with your phone when you run? The Pace is designed to solve this problem. It offers 2.4GB media storage for your music, built-in GPS for tracking route and distance, as well as notifications for incoming calls, messages, emails, and other apps.

Pace can differentiate between types of indoor/outdoor running, walking, and other activities. Track and record details like distance, time, heart rate, calories, elevation and altitude, as well as maximum/average pace, speed and cadence. All data can be uploaded, stored and synced to the free Strava app.

Strength Meets Style

Like it’s predecessors—the Arc, Equator, and Moonbeam—the Pace also has activity and sleep-tracking features. Achieve step goals, set alarms, and record sleep quality to reach daily health goals. The touch screen face is ceramic bezel, meaning it boasts the same strength and polished sheen that the rest of the Amazfit series is known for.

Pre-order the Pace today for a limited time offer of $129 ($30 off regular $159). On the style front, you’ll get a choice between black and red bands.

The future of running is here - we’ll meet you around the bend.

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Linda Cheng, Social Media and Content Manager

Linda graduated from the University of California, Irvine with three majors in Psychology, Urban Studies, and Social Ecology, as well as a minor in Global Sustainability. Her goal is to promote sustainable healthy living by providing the resources needed for success. Using smart data services and motivational psychology, she aims to move users towards long-term lifestyle changes for better health and fitness.

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