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Move Your Best: Gurus Advise

Running water never goes stale; so stay fresh, train hard, and move to your best self. Our favorite lifestyle, nutrition and fitness gurus weigh in with their advice on motivation, go-to workouts, and ways to get moving. Here's what they had to say....


How do you stay motivated with exercise?

What are your favorite workouts or ways to get moving?


Staying motivated to exercise starts with creating a “why”.  Why are you exercising in the first place? Is it because you want to lose weight? If so, why? Do you just want to drop a few pounds or is there a deeper reason? The majority of the time their is. If you truly know why you are exercising then you can always fall back on that. It will keep you going when times get tough.  The reason why I exercise is because I want to be healthy enough to be active with my kids. I want to see them grow up and be apart of their active lives. That’s very important to me.

Joe Rosenthal

Owner of Rosenthal Sports and Fitness

In the past I used to exercise for the sake of exercise, but would sometimes forget about tradeoffs I was making - waking up early, or feeling overly sore. Recently I've been focusing on routines and habits. For exercise, my morning routine involves a 20-minute yoga session. Beyond that, I just aim to walk or hike a certain amount each day that makes me feel refreshed.

Natalie Gantz

Creative force behind The Gantzery

Rock climbing actually helps me a lot with that because I find it incredibly fun and it burns a lot of calories. I also find run/walk intervals are great for maintaining ideal weight and toning legs or for losing weight.

If you're on the treadmill, a trick you can do when you're tired is alternate looking at distance, time, and calories. Focus on the one that's almost hit a rounded number. For example, if you're at 290 calories say you're going to get to 300. Set mini goals. Then when you're at 300 calories burned look at the other two numbers, distance or time, and pick another mini goal. Keep repeating that. It's an easy way to get yourself to keep going. For your cool down, if you're walking slower you can play on social media or send emails while on the treadmill and lose track of time and burn even more extra calories. Distracting yourself or setting and resetting mini goals is a great way to get in lots of cardio! Also if you have space, a good home treadmill can be purchased for under $400. I bought one at that price and love it! It's always there. No need to get ready and go to a gym to do cardio. It's private, it's nice, and it's not expensive to get. 

Harmony Calhoun

Model & Rock Climber. Founder of @climbing_is_my_passion

For the most part, I'm motivated to exercise because it is my alone time. It's my time to be absorbed in my own thoughts! But this doesn't mean I will say no to a friend that wants to go exercise with me. The more the merrier. Personally, I love nature so my favorites would be running along the Embarcadero in San Francisco or hiking trails with amazing views.

Mindy Fong

Food blogger @oishiimoments

I definitely like to change things up, and try new exercises that I see other people do! Sometimes they work really well for me and sometimes I honestly question how that person even did it themselves. But I have two consistent favorites no matter what I'm training for. In the gym: the Stairmaster! It's my favorite cardio and gets you sweating like crazy which I love. Out of the gym: tennis! I actually played collegiate tennis, and while I have barely played since I graduated, I want to get back into it in 2017 because I love it and it's so fun and you can make a day of it and do it with friends. It's not your typical gym workout that might get boring. The game is always new.

Hailey Bettencourt

Fitness Pro and CEO @HaileyBettencourtFitness

I have always been an athlete so I am lucky that I am motivated to exercise consistently. I love using the TRX as it challenges me to workout my entire body and I have always been a runner so I make sure to get outside and run the hills. Recently I decided to start taking dance classes just because they are fun and it is a great new way to workout my mind as I have to learn choreography for the first time.

Kasin Anton

Nutritionist and Blogger at A Time to Thrive with Kasin

It’s an important keystone habit of mine so I make sure to do it at least 6 times a week.  It helps me stay focused throughout the day so it’s an absolute must in my book.  If I feel lazy or tired, I simply recite my life motto out loud, “suffer the pain of discipline or suffer the pain of regret,” and that gets me going.  I also have a pinterest board called “Bodily Perfection” to keep me inspired.  I absolutely love tackling different DVD programs!  I’m currently doing T25, and it’s a game changer.  I’m also a black belt in tae-kwon-do, so I practice martial arts at home as well.  My father’s a two-time TKD world champion so I train with him when I can.  He actually got me started when I was a little kid, and I’ve kept up with it all these years!  If I’m feeling extra motivated, I squeeze in extra cardio workouts at my gym.  I’m not the greatest runner, but I hope to tackle my first half-marathon sometime soon.

Kimberly Kong

Pianist, Teacher, and Lifestyle Blogger at The Sensible Stylista

I stay motivated by simply remembering that I need to do it for my own peace of mind.  I'm more comfortable in my body when I feel good in my mind and am confident in the way I look.  For cardio, I love the stairs (stair master), and enjoy strength training at the gym. Yoga is a personal favorite for me, but thats a lot more for my mind than my body! 

Lisa Hayim

Nutrition Wellness Expert at The Well Necessities

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No gym? No problem. Check out Joe's article below for quick Micro Workouts you can do at home while waiting for the coffee to brew. Be warned: Exercise has been known to cause health and happiness. 

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