October 12th, 2017 | Product News

Pace Update For October

We hear your feedback loud and clear and appreciate your patience while we work out some kinks and keep adding new features to the Amazfit Pace firmware and mobile applications. We monitor the social channels and forums closely and the timer function and ability to remotely control media/music on your phone came up over and over again - so here they are. We also added a few other nifty settings, watchfaces and improvements to, please finde the detailed release notes below.

What's New in Firmware Version 1.3.4f:

  • Updated GPS firmware to v3.12
  • Added countdown timer
  • Tracking floors climbed through daily activities
  • New backlight brightness level and mode settings
  • Added support to control media playback on the phone
  • Added "Night Run" and "Prototype Source" watchfaces
  • Added auto-pause option for outdoor running and cycling
  • Added support for high resolution mode in "I'm Runner" and "Night Run" watchfaces when wrist up is detected
  • Optimized heart rate and sleep tracking algorithms
  • Fixed inaccurate elevation output in certain sports types
  • Improved real-time speed in outdoor cycling
  • Fixed the issue of showing misaligned per mile marker and inaccurate pace when there's pause during an outdoor activity
  • Optimized customized watchfaces
  • Optimized system stability
  • Other bug fixes

Android Play release notes:

  • Added option to control music playback on the phone from Pace (Note: requires the latest Pace firmware)
  • Support for timer widget reordering
  • Optimized user login flow
  • Updated algorithm lib to v1.1.09

Please keep the feedback coming in the comments below, via Facebook or Twitter, we really appreciate it and it helps us prioritize features on our product development roadmap. You can find the mobile application updates in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Once updated, the app will prompt the watch firmware update on the home screen with a red dot, press it and you will have to connect to a WiFi network to download the firmware update and the watch will restart after the update has been performed.

In appreciation of our fantastic community around the world we invite you to use and share code FALL17 to receive a 30% discount on all Amazfit products throughout the end of October 2017 (the discount is visible/applicable in the cart and checkout).

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