August 15th, 2016 | Product News

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Get vibration alerts for incoming calls, or set vibrating alarms at custom times. Here's how.


Did you know that Amazfit can alert you of incoming calls with a gentle vibration? This way, whether it's your daughter who you've finally put to bed or a meeting at work, you can set your phone on silent and be discreetly notified of incoming calls.


To set up call notifications on the iOS app, tap into the menu icon in the main screen. Tap into SETTINGS from there, and then toggle the third item down, Phone Call Notification. Once this is toggled on (it should appear green), your Amazfit will start vibrating when you receive calls.


To set up call notifications on our Android app, tap the device icon in the upper right hand corner of the main screen. Tap on Call Notifications, and swipe right to enable call notifications.

Once you've set up call notifications on Amazfit, you can now set your phone down and not have to be worried that you're missing a call. Whether your phone is on the kitchen counter while you're preparing breakfast, in your bag, or set on silent, Amazfit's phone call notifications can free up your hands and mind to be more present in your every day life.


Amazfit also allows you to set alarms at custom times. These alarms can be useful as a gentle way of waking up in the morning, or as reminders throughout the day.

To set an alarm, tap the device icon in the upper right hand corner of the main screen. Tap on Alarm, and then select your desired alarm times. To disable an alarm, tap on the desired alarm and swipe left.

Once you've set up your alarm notifications, be sure to repeat them as you need! You can set them up to occur daily or weekly - so for example, if you need to pick up the dry cleaning every Monday at five, or if you need a reminder in the middle of each work day to take a fifteen minute break and go for a walk, you can set these reminders up on your Amazfit.

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