October 4th, 2016 | Diet & Health, Ask A Nutritionist

The Sugar Challenge

Let's be honest - who doesn't like sugar? It's in almost everything we eat, but it isn't always the best for our bodies! Try some of our tips to balance out the amount of sugar you eat each day.

We are biologically programmed to want sugar and sweet foods as originally these foods were difficult to find and an important sources of energy. The challenge is that today sweets and particularly refined sugar is available around every corner.


Consider this ¦.

In the 1820 s the average American ate about 20 lbs. of sugar a year.  Today the US Department of Agriculture estimates the average American eats about 120-150 lbs. of sugar a year. This is a huge jump!

Why the big change and what is the big deal? Sugar tastes so good and comes from a plant! Why shouldn't I eat it? Here are some things to consider the next time you reach for a treat containing refined sugar ¦.

Refined Sugar or Glucose :

  • Is the #1 fuel source for cancer
  • Sends our emotions, blood sugar, and energy on a roller coaster ride right after enjoying the treat as well as the next day (if you don t believe me, give a 5 year old about 5 cookies and watch what happens.)
  • Dehydrates our bodies
  • Creates inflammation that can lead to disease progression as well as pain, especially joint pain.
  • Tells your body to excrete nutrients
  • Creates stress within our bodies leading to increased hunger, weight gain, and cravings
  • Disrupts and reduces the quality of our sleep


If you do nothing else for your health right now and throughout the year, I would encourage removing refined sugar as much as possible. Now removing refined sugar doesn't mean you can never eat anything sweet again, but, instead, you can make better choices. Here are some healthier sweet alternatives to get you started.

  • Roasted apples with cinnamon and coconut whipped cream
  • Roasted or grilled pears with roasted walnuts drizzled in local honey
  • Coconut milk based pumpkin ice cream
  • Goat cheese stuffed dates drizzled in honey

When you remove refined sugar you can improve your health greatly! A couple immediate improvements you will experience is a huge reduction in inflammation, which is the foundation of all disease, and you will be able to regulate blood sugar better.

Looking to make desserts and other foods that don't include refined sugar? Try using honey as a sweetener - with these recipes from Eating Well.

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Kasin Anton, Nutritionist

Kasin Anton is a Nutrition Consultant who is passionate about improving peoples’ lives. She specializes in identifying the triggers holding people back physically, emotionally, and psychologically in order to maximize energy, reduce pain, improve focus, and optimize weight. For more information, get in touch with Kasin at her website www.kasinanton.com.

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