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The World Is Yours To Explore And Enjoy This Father’s Day

To my fellow dads out there this Sunday belongs to us! Yes, I know you are aware that it is Father’s Day, but it is much more than that. It is our one day where we get to decide what we will do as a family.

You have only a few more days to decide what that day will hold for you and your family. Do not mess up this opportunity.

So clear your mind. Take a few deep breaths and visualize what a perfect Sunday will look like.

Okay, so maybe you are having trouble clearing your mind since your brain is always thinking of what is next on your plate. Whether it is prepping for the next meeting or getting all of your kids in the car for summer camps you don’t have that much time for yourself. That is why making sure you plan Father’s Day is so necessary.

Cherish these moments with your family.

Since you don’t have a moment right now to think about what you want to do let me help you out with some fun outdoor activities that you could do with your family. (You can thank me the Monday after Father’s Day as you recall all of the fun things you did yesterday with your family.)


1. Teach your kids a sport you loved to play. Think about your days in high school. What sports did you play? Did you run cross country or did you play tennis for your school’s team. Playing sports with your family is a great way to get exercise. Your kids won’t complain that they are not playing video games since they are having so much fun! My family and I play basketball when we all go to our local YMCA on the weekends.

One of my good friends still jumps in the pool every morning before work. He was an excellent swimmer. He finds that an early morning swim helps him with his focus for the entire day. Now that his kids are of age where they know how to swim he is looking forward to showing them all the different forms of swimming that he learned when he was their age.

2.   Find a park or trail that is great for a family bike ride. You and your family can even pack a     healthy picnic as you find the perfect spot to have a Father’s Day lunch. My neighbor and his family have been making it a Father’s Day tradition to go out and find a new place for a bike ride. Each year they try to find a more challenging trail.

Going on a hike with my family.

3.  Go for a hike. This is what I have told my family what I would like to do when they asked me if there was anything special I wanted for Father’s Day. Ever since I have moved to North Carolina I have really enjoyed the greenways and different trails that this state has to offer. I was doing my research on the trail that I wanted to take on Father’s Day. I can’t wait to get out and explore the outdoors with my family.


Did you catch a common theme in all three of those ideas? Hopefully you saw that all of those suggestions are ways to get you and your family active and outdoors. As I get older I realize that if I want to be there for my kids I need to take care of my health. Plus your kids will learn from your actions more than your words.

If you are preaching to your children about being active and playing outdoors then you need to lead by example. Ever since I started suggesting we go for hikes I have found my kids wanting to spend more time outside. This makes me so happy.

What are you planning to do with your family on Father’s Day? Whatever you decide I hope you get a chance to enjoy the outdoors and be a great example of living a healthy lifestyle that your kids can follow!

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