October 15th, 2019

T’was the Night Before: How to Prepare for a Race

As a newbie or a seasoned veteran runner, preparing before a big race is a must for a stress-free run. Preparation not only keeps you ready but helps prevent any unforeseen problems from arising. Thinking of what goes into preparing for the big day, Amazfit’s bringing you advice from avid marathoners themselves.

Our friends and experienced marathoners Shawn Lancaster and Eric Cote have valuable insights into how to set the groundwork ready a night before your race. Shawn and Eric both have a number of 5Ks and half marathons under their belt. Both of them have completed marathons and Eric ran his first 100-mile trail run in the Badlands of North Dakota last summer.

Things to do before you run your big race -

The night before - Go to bed early. As per Eric, layout your gear. Equipment, charge your Amazfit Stratos the night before to save time in the morning. Take one last look at the course profile. Depending on the length of the race, Shawn feels that your whole day can turn into a ritual. Shawn focuses on eating healthy foods that don’t sit heavy on the stomach and drink plenty of water. As funny as it may sound, Shawn always gets a haircut before any big race. He says, having a head full of hair sweating makes him miserable during a race!

Warming up - Don’t overdo it on the race day! Do a short workout just to shake out the legs a bit. Don’t push yourself too hard since that can lead to injury.  Just take a brisk warm to warm your legs up instead of going for a run and tiring yourself before the actual race! In fact, Shawn feels it is better to take some rest a day or two prior to the big day. And don’t forget to use the bathroom before your race starts, suggests Shawn. 

Nutrition - Bagel and banana seem to be the choice of breakfast for both Shawn and Eric on race day morning. Avoid heavy foods or large amounts of carbs since they sit heavy on the stomach. A healthy, homemade meal and avoids anything spicy. Don’t try to experiment with food as you move closer to the race day. Instead, eat proteins and vegetables.

Ultimately, take it easy. As Eric says, “Training is done and so there is nothing more you can. Instead do things that you couldn’t while you were training like reading a book, watching a movie, etc.”

It is important to be prepared for everything and stay flexible enough to improvise. The best plans can fall apart and stress over things like weather, etc. that are not in your hands is pointless. Be ready to feel the pain, “welcome it as a friend, because you are pretty sure to meet her on your way to the finish line.” Run your own race. Don’t focus on what the others are doing. 

Whether it will be your first race, or you have hundreds of races under your belt, thinking ahead of time is an important part of the process. Taking these tips from the vets, having a plan is key but being open to change is necessary to ensure a successful and fun experience!

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