February 9th, 2017 | Gift Guide

Valentine Gifts for Her, Him and You

It doesn't matter if you have a sidekick or soulmate, we could all use some giftspiration guidance. Give a present to a loved one, or treat yourself to some extra self-love. Here’s a hit list of great gifts to show him, her or yourself a little TLC.

To the Ladies:

Her future carryall for all her past baggage... except this Sacagawea Carryall is baggage she won't want to leave behind. Hands-free and carefree, it's also just plain pretty.

Step up her lotion game, her winter skin didn’t know it needed Vitamin E Oil until it met Body Time. Based in Berkeley, this family-run skincare company allows you to create custom body care products by mixing essential oils. From ylang ylang to jasmine, marzipan to peach, the only limit is your sense of smell after whiffing four breeds of rose extracts.

Jewelry is nice, but can her jewelry count calories burned and hours spent in light and deep sleep? Diamonds are okay, but can they vibrate when her phone’s on silent to let her know her mom’s calling? We didn’t think so. Jewelry, bracelet, necklace, watch, pedometer, calorie counter, sleep tracker, beeper - that’s eight products in one. Enough said - skip the diamonds, go for Moonbeam.

Self-love is a daily battle this time of year, but a succulent is one thing she can take care of with ease. Unlike her tangles of self-deprecating thoughts, it doesn’t need to be watered and weeded every day. Cultivate cacti with her care routine, she doesn’t need a green thumb to grow succulents with success.

Hair tied, sweatpants, chilling with her netflix on. No better way to tell your girl you love her than to gift her with a pair of luxe track pants. TGFK - thank god for Kanye bringing joggers back.

No gloves, no love. Oiselle describes their Lux line as the ““buttery cashmere of the running girl's world, warm and soft, but ready to perform.” Sounds like heaven, we’d run the world with that.

Nothing says "I like you" like designer perfume. Scentbird lets you date them before committing to your signature scent. No strings attached.

Finally, you can’t beat a box of handmade chocolates for V-Day—especially if you can eat the box. Chuck Siegel founded Charles Chocolates with the motto: “Every chocolate I make as equal to the worst ingredient I put in it, so we only use the best.” Same applies to love and our Amazfits.

To the Guys:

Beast mode off, Monster mode on. When it comes to epic romances, forget Beauty and the Beast. We ship Pace and the Monster. This smartwatch and Bluetooth headphone pairing was matched and set in runner heaven.

If he digs low-maintenance friendships, Arc’s the one for him. Our cult fave is low-cost, low-maintenance, lightweight and unobtrusive. Also, if he veers closer to the friend zone, get this for him so he can see his heartbeat skip when you’re around

Keep his heart warm and beer cold. No matter the trials of the outside world, his brew can chill inside the double-wall vacuum insulation of the DrinkTank. The last thing he needs is for his favorite beer to turn on him and leave a bad taste his mouth.

No shade, no problem. Hoodies are a staple in every man’s closet. Alby makes cotton that repels liquids, stains, and odors. He wins, you win. Go home (or stay home) happy.

Nothing worse than saggy underwear, so congrats on finding the perfect boxers for him to wear and you to steal. You can’t go wrong with any of A-dam’s quirky and classic picks, but the Siep’s halfmoon pattern has us in a full swoon. “Siep is a style icon. A sophisticated classic with a contemporary twist. Quite cool for a boxer.” Contemporary is the only twist that’s allowed in underwear.

Say hello to the most magical wallet ever known to humankind. Bellroy’s Note Sleeve uses trickery where the outside is smaller than the inside. No one wallet should have all that power (or card space). Still, it stays slim no matter how many bills, cards, or receipts he stuffs it with.

Last but not least, no matter how minimal the man, there’s always room to be well-groomed. Here’s the GQ award winning trimmer that’s shaping a new legacy. It boasts perfect balance, which we’re all about at Amazfit.

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