September 1st, 2016 | Wellness

Weekly Roundup: Living Like Ben Franklin and Sleep Music

Each week, we find a few good reads to share with our readers. This week, we've got some great articles on wellness: living like Ben Franklin, meditation, and sleep music.

The Daily Life of Benjamin Franklin

Anisa Purbasari from  Business Insider  tries Benjamin Franklin's daily routine for a week, and she is surprised to find that the most difficult part to stick with is his daily time for reflection.

As far as daily routines of historical figures go, Benjamin Franklin's is well documented. The Founding Father's meticulous "scheme" consisted of waking up at 5 a.m. and asking himself, "What good shall I do this day?"


Ted Gioia from  The Daily Beast  writes about an emerging genre of music, in which composers are working with neurologists to create sleep music.

In recent months, I've encountered a surprising number of creative projects targeted at an unconscious audience. But this raises many questions: Is sleep music a real genre? If it is, what role should music critics play in this emerging field?


Kathryn Remati from  Daily Cup of Yoga  writes about the difference between mindfulness and meditation - and how the two work together to lower our stress levels.

We can start with two common myths. Mindfulness is NOT thinking really hard about something  that sounds stressful. Meditation is NOT about shutting down the mind like an off switch  that sounds boring. They are both tools to access inner peace, which is already inside of you.

What were your favorite finds this week in wellness? Is there a blog or article you've been recommending? Write in with your favorite recipes, articles, lists, and reads below!

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