August 25th, 2016 | Diet & Health

Weekly Roundup: We Love Figs and Crockpot Granola

Each week, we find a few good reads to share with our readers. This week, we find the best in nutrition, food, and cooking. We're loving the truth about gluten, figs, and an easy, healthy granola recipe.


Most of the people cutting gluten out of their lives aren't doing so because of celiac disease, according to a recent paper published in the journal  Pediatrics. Instead, they're doing it because of the many circulating myths out there.

Aviva Patz from Refinery 29 debunks the myths and explores the truth behind gluten.

Although many people dismiss figs as a geriatric delicacy or the sticky stuff inside bad cookies, they are, in fact, something awesome: enclosed flowers that bloom modestly inward, unlike the flamboyant showoffs on other plants.

Ben Crair from The New Yorker writes in praise of the fig.

After all, if I'm going to be making something as addictively crispy, rewardingly wholesome, and marvelously munchy as granola, why settle for anything short of a big, beautiful batch?

Erin from Well Plated shares a healthy granola recipe to try in the crockpot that will last you for weeks!

What were your favorite finds this month in food? Is there a blog or article you can't stop referencing? Write in with your favorite recipes, articles, lists, and reads from the past month below!

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