January 23rd, 2017 | Wellness

Gurus Advise: Work Your Best

All work, no play: nothing will burn you out faster. In the bustle of our daily duties, it can be a challenge to prioritize time for self-care. To help us tackle the dilemma of work-life balance, we got advice from some of the busiest people we know. Among these multitasking pros are entrepreneurs, business owners, creative directors, bloggers with day and night jobs, trainers, and any combo of the above. Find out how they can have it all - and keep their sanity!


How do you achieve work-life balance?


I grew up in a home where there was zero work-life balance. It was work, work, work, work, and if you're not working you're lazy. But that doesn't suit me. Time spent with family and significant others is imperative to my health.

Tips: Take at least 1 day off from everything. I try to choose Saturday or Sunday to simply do nothing for work - that includes social media and Instagram!

Lisa Hayim

Nutrition Wellness Expert at The Well Necessities

I’m a workaholic, but I believe that it’s important to work smart rather than work hard. The former means taking breathers to recharge and refocus. Spend time with your loved ones, go out and splurge on a dress you want, or get a manicure. I believe that one needs to blow off steam to achieve max productivity.

Kimberly Kong

Pianist, Teacher, and Lifestyle Blogger at The Sensible Stylista

It's okay to take a break and to have a mental rest every once in a while. It doesn't have to be "go go go" until everything is perfect, because it's unsustainable. So I think just recognizing when you need a break is the key to finding that balance! Definitely not something I've perfected by any means, but I am getting better.

Hailey Bettencourt

Fitness Pro and CEO @HaileyBettencourtFitness

This one is really important for me and always has been. I know that with my temperament I would not thrive if I had to work all the time. For that reason, I make it a priority to exercise and do things that fill me up.  I think it is important to know yourself and understand how much stress you can handle. It's essential to take breaks and to remember that sometimes your sanity is more important than work.

Kasin Anton

Nutritionist and Blogger at A Time to Thrive with Kasin

I think no matter how much or how little you work, you should always incorporate things into your life that you love and make you feel happy. Passions, hobbies, etc.

Harmony Calhoun

Model & Rock Climber. Founder of @climbing_is_my_passion

Work-life balance is the key to happiness. For me, I like to calendar everything by mapping out my priorities first then adding in any extras if time permits. 

Mindy Fong

Food blogger @oishiimoments

The work-life balance is extremely important. With all ventures, everything in moderation is the key to success. Being able to create this homeostasis allows you to be involved in your two passions: work and life. My best tip for occupational wellness is to take small chunks out a large task. You can’t climb Mt. Everest in one day. This avenue takes time but in the end you’ll actually complete the task and not overextend yourself doing it.

Joe Rosenthal

Owner of Rosenthal Sports and Fitness

I'm torn about work-life balance. I work with my husband as a photography team, and it often feels unrealistic to think of 'work' and 'life' as separate things. In general, I try to be a 'good boss' to myself. I try to have expectations of myself the same as if I were hiring my best friend. It's easy to get overwhelmed running your own business, and if it's causing extra stress, then what's the point?

Natalie Gantz

Creative force behind The Gantzery

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