January 5th, 2017 | Fitness, Wellness

Move Your Best: 7 Must-Try Workouts

Recovering from an injury, or tired of the same old fitness routines?  Try a few of these activities to switch up your routine or try something new!

While steps are always a great way to get in your daily exercise, sometimes you may want to switch it up and try a few new activities and exercises in the gym. If you’re feeling inspired, try some of the following classes and exercises out - you may be surprised by how effective of a workout you can get from them!

  • Yoga: Are you a beginner to yoga? Try a Hatha or gentle flow class. Looking for a more difficult class? Try Bikram, Asthanga, or Power Yoga. There are tons of classes to choose from - so don’t be shy! Try a few different kinds of classes before picking a class to fit into your regular rotation.
  • Spin: Afraid of cycling outdoors? Try spin indoors! Beginners and pros alike love spin because of the energy and positivity in each of these classes. Increase your resistance - or keep it steady, if you need time to breathe - and rock out to some great tunes!
  • Rock Climbing: Afraid of heights? Strap on a harness, take a belay class, and try top roping! Whether it’s bouldering, top-roping, or lead-climbing, rock climbing is a great whole-body workout that gives your brain a workout as well!
  • Aerial Silks: Suspend yourself in mid-air as you flex and bend your body in new positions with aerial silks! If climbing and tumbling down the silks seems too intimidating to you, try aerial yoga first. In aerial yoga, you can expect to be held firmly in place by the aerial silks while performing more mild inversions requiring less strength than those required in aerial silks.
  • Swimming: Swimming is one of the most gentle forms of exercise, as it is a non-weight bearing form of exercise that does not present stress on your joints. It works out your entire body while also increasing your heart and lung health!
  • Reformer Pilates: This form of pilates is done on a reformer machine that can look quite daunting at first! The machine consists of a sliding carriage and multiple adjustable springs, to regulate resistance in different poses. If you’ve never tried reformer pilates before, try a private session - you’ll be amazed by how targeted of a workout session you can get in a quick 60-minute session!
  • TRX: Born from the Navy SEALs, suspension training uses your body’s weight for a very rigorous form of exercise. TRX is an effective, full-body workout that all four of the US military branches, professional athletes, and professional fighters use in training. If you haven’t tried TRX before, start with a private or semi-private class, so that you can learn exactly how to move your body with the suspension cords!

Looking for more information to get you started with a new activity? Check out our Q&A with Harmony Calhoun, an avid outdoor rock climber and model!

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