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  • Watch
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Quick Start Setup

Getting Started: Pace

Step 1 -  Charging Your Watch

All Pace watches ship with the battery charged. However, we suggest fully charging your watch before use. It take up to 1 hour to fully charge Pace. 

To charge, attach your watch to the charging base, the charging base to the USB cable, and the cable to a USB port. Make sure to align the 4 charging pins on the backside of the watch with the ones on the charging base. Once clipped-in, the watch face will light up and show that the watch as “charging”.

Step 2 - Download the App

The Amazfit Pace companion app is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. Please search for “Amazfit Watch” to download and install the app, or click the links below.

Step 3 - Turn On Your Watch

First, make sure your watch is charged to avoid interruptions during the initial setup process. 

To turn on your watch, press and hold the button near the top right-hand side of your watch. The watch can take a few minutes to start up.

To turn off your watch, press and hold the same button on its right side. Tap OK on the interface to confirm shutdown.

Step 4 - Connect & Sync Your Watch

Activate Bluetooth on your mobile device.

Open the Amazfit Watch app and follow the prompts.

With your mobile device, scan the QR code displayed on your watch face.

Following in-app prompts, turn on Notifications in System Settings.

Pace Basics

Navigating Your Watch

To return to the watch home screen at any time, press the button on the right side of the watch.

From the home screen, swipe UP to see text , email, and app notifications from your phone.

Swipe DOWN to access System Settings: Weather, Battery Life, Silent Mode, and More Settings.

From More Settings, you can access: Find My Phone, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Silent Time, Backlight, Tap to Wake, Vibration, Wear Habit, Upgrade, Factory Reset, and Power Off.

Swipe LEFT and RIGHT to go to different widgets — including but not limited to: Sports, Running, Daily Activity, Music, Alarm, Weather, Compass, Stopwatch, Sleep, Heart Rate.

Enabling Wi-Fi

Access the home screen by pressing the button on the right side of the watch.

From the home screen, swipe DOWN on the watch face to access System Settings.

Swipe LEFT until you reach More Settings. Tap to open.

Swipe DOWN until you find Wi-Fi, and connect to your network.

The WiFi password prompt will show up in your Amazfit Watch companion app

Update Latest Firmware Version

Make sure you are connected to a WiFi network of 2.4 Ghz.

Please note: The update may take 5 minutes or longer due to the GPS firmware upgrade.

From the watch home screen, swipe down to access System Settings: Weather, Battery Life, Silent Mode, and More Settings.

Swipe LEFT until you reach More Settings. Tap to open.

Swipe UP until you find Update.

Tap to check for updates, and download to the latest version.

How to Change the Watch Face

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Watch Faces.

Tap on your selection and the watch face will update.

How to Change to a Custom Watch Face

Make sure you are updated to the latest Pace Firmware and Amazfit Watch app version.

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Watch Faces.

Tap on any of the last three Watch Faces: 2017, Eternal Morning, or Golden Rooster.

Go back to the app home screen, then tap Sync. Your watch face will update.

On the Amazfit Watch app, select Watch Faces.

Scroll down until you reach Load Image.

Take a photo, or choose one from your gallery.

Confirm by tapping Use Photo or Choose, then wait for it to sync.

Press/hold down on your watch face until the background image reduces in size.

Select Settings on the watch face. Swipe up until you see option to Choose Uploaded Image.

Select, hit Confirm and Save.

The image you uploaded will appear on your watch face.

How to Change the Weather

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Application Settings.

Tap on Weather Settings to change location, temperature unit, enable and disable Daily Weather and Weather Warning reminders.

Pace Basics: Weather

How to Change the Order of Sports Activity of Watch Face

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Application Settings.

Tap on Sports Order to view list of current activities and statistics.

Drag UP or DOWN to adjust specific activity list order on the watch.

How to Change the Order of Applications on the Watch Face

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Application Sequencing.

Drag any application UP or DOWN to adjust the sequence on your watch.

How to Hide or Show an Application on the Watch Face

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Application Sequencing.

Tap the toggle switch to hide or show any application on your watch face.

Pace Basics: Applications

How to Enable/Disable Notification Settings

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Notification Settings.

Tap the toggle switch to enable or disable push notification on your watch.

To enable or disable specific notifications, select App blacklist settings

*A pre-populated list of existing applications on your mobile device will not appear in Amazfit Watch app. Only applications that generate notifications will appear in the list and will populate over time as notifications arrive.

Pace Basics: Notification Settings

How to Sync Sports Activity Data

On the home screen of the Amazfit Watch app, select Activity Sync.

All sports activity data can is synced through the Strava integration with the exception of step count and sleep data.

If you have an existing Strava account, use existing login credentials to continue with the integration. If you do not have a Strava account, follow the prompts to create a new Strava account.

Once the Amazfit Watch app and Strava apps are connected, select the Data Sync button to sync your sport activity data.

*All activity data can be viewed through the watch but for a detailed overview, we suggest viewing your data through directly through your Strava account.

Additional Questions?

Visit the Amazfit Help Center for answers to frequently asked questions and our community forum.