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Getting Started: Verge

What's included

  • Amazfit Verge Smartwatch
  • Charging Cradle
  • User Manual

Step 1 - Download the App

The Amazfit Verge companion app is available for iOS in the Apple App Store and for Android in the Google Play Store. Please search for “Amazfit Watch” to download and install the app, or click the links below.

Step 2 - Turn your watch On/Off 

  • To turn on your watch, press and hold the button on its top right side. Your watch screen will light up and show a startup animation. The animation may play for several minutes upon initial startup.
  • To turn off your watch, press and hold the same button for more than six seconds to display the turn off interface.
  • A QR code will display on your watch screen when it first turns on. This code will be used to pair your watch with your mobile device.
  • When the screen is in the rest state after being switched on, press the key to lighten the screen shortly

Step 3 - Pairing your watch

  1. Long press the physical button on the right side of the watch for 6 seconds and release to turn on your watch. It will display QR code on the screen of the watch. Activate Bluetooth on your mobile phone.
  2. Open Amazfit Watch App and log in to your user account. It will show you an interface which let you select the device to be paired
  3. Select Amazfit Verge and it will let you scan the QR code. With your mobile phone, scan the QR code displayed on the watch screen to pair. And you will receive a pairing code on your watch and phone ( No pairing code shown on the watch if pairing with iOS). Tap to confirm for Bluetooth connection.

Step 4 - Charging your watch

  •  To charge, attach the watch to the charging base, attach the USB end of the charger to your PC or a normal charging adapter. Make sure to align the 4 charging pins on the backside of the watch with the ones on the charging base. Once clipped-in, the watch face will light up and show that the watch as “Charging”.
  • The charger adapter output values are DC 5.0V/500mA. You can use your phone's charger adapter or charge the watch by connecting to your computer.  If you don't have 5V/500mA charger adapter, you can use 5V/1A/ 2A / 3A /4A / 5A instead.  We suggest you use brand phone power adapters.

Verge Basics

Changing your watch face

  • On the watch: Tap and hold watch face screen to enter watch face selection
  • On the app: “Profile” > “My Watch”> “Select Watch face” 

Enabling notifications

  • Open the “Amazfit Watch” App
  • Select “Profile” on bottom right of screen menu
  • Choose “Settings” then “Notification settings”
  • Turn on “Push notifications and incoming calls” 

Changing a 24hr display to a 12hr display

  • Press and hold the button near the top right-hand side of your watch to turn on the Watch
  • Swipe down from the watch face➡tap Settings➡tap Common➡tap Time Format to change between displays

Transferring music to the Verge

  1. To transfer and play music on your Amazfit Verge, you will need to connect the watch to your computer via the provided USB cable and charging base and copy the music files into the watches' media storage folder called "Music".
  2. The supported music file format is MP3. Once you have transferred your music files into the watches' "Music" folder, disconnect the Amazfit Verge from the USB cable
  3. Within the watch user interface you can now select the Music player widget on the watch screen to play music via a connected Bluetooth headset, earbud or speaker.

Pairing Bluetooth

  • Swipe left from watch face till you find Music widget. Tap on the green color play button, you will receive a prompt to connect to a Bluetooth Headset. Confirm connection by tapping on the check-mark. It will search and pair. After connecting, swipe right to access the playback interface.
  • Please check the following steps to pair your Bluetooth Headset:
    1. Long press the power button of your Bluetooth headset and wait the blue and red lights start flashing.
    2. From the watch face, swipe down and tap Settings > Connection > Select Bluetooth for the watch to start searching for your Bluetooth headset.
    3. Once the device appears on the watch screen, tap on the selection.
    4. Confirm and initiate pairing by selecting the check-mark.

Bluetooth phone

  • Dialing a number: Tap the Phone app on the watch, select the contact you want to make a call, or swipe to the phone-number entry interface and enter the desired number.
  • Answering a Bluetooth phone: When the phone receives a call, there will be a corresponding call alert on the watch. If the phone is answered by clicking on the watch, the speaker and microphone that come with your watch will be used to answer the current call.
  • Bluetooth phone settings: Slide to the last page of the Phone app to set the call vibration, ringtone and other functions.

Amazon Alexa

Before setting up your Amazon Alexa, please make sure to update your Amazfit Verge and the Amazfit Watch App.

  1. Open “Amazfit Watch” App and select “Profile”
  2. Select “Add Accounts” > “Amazon”
  3. Sign into your Amazon account
  4. Sync data on “Amazfit Watch” App
  5. Press button once on Amazfit Verge to awaken watch
  6. The Verge screen will then show “What can I do for you?”,
  7. Once “Listening” appears, say your Alexa request into the Amazfit Verge