Amazfit Summer Challenge

9-week fitness challenge. Let's get started!

Amazfit Summer Challenge

9-week fitness challenge. Let's get started!

Give your body a boost!

Amazfit is running a 9-week fitness challenge to get you ready for those beach days you've been looking forward to all winter.

Each week we will be giving new challenges, a worksheet to track your progress and some musical inspiration to keep you going. Once you've completed the challenge, post it to your favorite social channel and use the #amazfitchallenge. Each week you have a chance to win a fun prize and you are entered to win our grand prize at the end of the 5 weeks.

Good luck — now, let's get moving!


Just starting out?

Beginner Challenge Week 7

Are you an advanced athlete? 

Week 7 Advanced

Did you miss a Week?

What kind of workout should you try? 

Summer is the best month for sports. Are you looking for new opportunities to go outdoors and play? We've got you covered with a fun quiz to help you decide what new (and a bit unusual) sport you can pick up this summer. Give it a try here.


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Four ways to track your challenge progress

Share to WIN

Don’t forget to share your progress on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and use #AMAZFITCHALLENGE for a chance to win!



As a bonus you can use and share code SUMMER for a 25% discount on all Amazfit products at