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12,960 Yarns = 1 Amazfit Cheetah Pro Strap

Since the launch of the Amazfit Cheetah Pro back in June, one of the main highlights that the athletes using the watch have praised is the lightweight and comfortable nylon strap. So, we'd like to share with you what went into the labor of love that resulted in the Run Track Black strap.

As the Amazfit Cheetah Pro was created for high-level runners, the challenge lay in achieving the optimal user experience for people who really need something comfortable, lightweight, sweat-resistant, and suitable for intense, long-distance runs. We researched extensively over the span of five years and conducted countless trials, implementing feedback from our testing users at every stage. Our focus was twofold:
1. How to enhance the comfort while being worn for running and in daily wear.
2. How to imbue the nylon strap with quality and texture, thus elevating the overall aesthetic of the watch.

In the spring of 2018, we embarked on the design and development project for our nylon strap. Initially, we experimented with plastic-buckled nylon - a pioneering attempt in the industry. However, due to the lack of suitable product form, we temporarily suspended the strap's development.

But then in early 2022, we were inspired to resume the nylon strap's development; this journey involved reimagining the strap design, optimizing color combinations, addressing issues like excessive fuzziness and weak Velcro adhesion, and finally achieving a production-ready outcome.

Let's shift our focus to the star of today's story—the finished Run Track Black nylon strap for the Amazfit Cheetah Pro.

This slick strap is crafted from 12,960 strands of different material specifications, including warp, weft, edge stitching, small yarn, spandex, and loop. Each of these strands requires dyeing - a process which involves yarn dyeing, weaving, shaping, cutting, Velcro attachment, and metal component assembly.

To achieve superior visuals and wear comfort, we went through numerous rounds of color sampling and wear optimization, over the course of months. The end result: a design featuring black and grey with red accents which mirror the lines on a running track. And with that, the Amazfit Cheetah Pro was able to offer a complete lightweight and comfortable wearing experience that epitomizes athleticism.

Beyond this, compared to the commonly seen traditional loop-style nylon straps, we also implemented some finer details:
1. The two-part structure differs from the traditional single long strap style, effectively addressing issues of looseness and unsightly bulging.
2. We used stainless steel PVD construction for the buckle loop, as opposed to common plastic components, which substantially enhanced the watch's overall quality.
3. The critical Velcro hook employs advanced laser welding technology, ensuring sustained adhesion during prolonged wear (especially important while sweating), and a better fitting strap.
4. TPU bonding was applied to the bend and fitting areas of the nylon strap, improving the overall look.

After nearly five years of research and development, meticulous attention to detail, and thorough testing, the Amazfit Cheetah Pro's Run Track Black nylon woven strap brings an elevated experience; it's supple, breathable, and super lightweight, and adjusting for different wrist sizes is a breeze. The strap's elasticity provides a cushioning effect while wearing, allowing moisture to dissipate efficiently, and the multi-segment Velcro structure firmly secures the watch to your wrist - ensuring reliability and durability.

The Amazfit Cheetah Pro is an exceptional professional running watch meant for Breaking Limits, and the incredibly lightweight nylon strap will keep you comfortable as you push yourself faster and further than ever before.


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