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30+ Days Battery Life


12+ Sports, VO2max, 5 ATM


Activity, Notifications, HR


Multisport GPS Smartwatch


Move In Style



Track Your Activity

Steps, distance, calories. More than 14 sports.

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Sleep Tracking

Analyze your sleep patterns. Light, deep, awake times.

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Long Battery Life

All products feature industry-leading battery life.

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Smart Notifications

Get notifications for calls, messages and other apps.

Heart Rate

Optical heart rate sensor to keep track of your beats.

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Water Resistant

Works rain or shine.

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So light, you'll barely notice wearing it.

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Syncs Wirelessly

Syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This gorgeous wearable ticked all the boxes you’d need from a smartwatch

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As it stands, the Moonbeam is probably the most comfy wearable I've worn, which is saying a lot.

Wareable Logo

I love that it's GPS-equipped - perfect for distance running. And the media storage keeps me pumped while out and about.

Wearhouse District

The App

Keeping Track

Establish healthy habits and achieve your goals towards a more active and healthy lifestyle with Amazfit. Track your steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality. Set alarms to wake you gently during light sleep or receive phone call notifications on your band.


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Little Spark Of Wanderlust

I've been needing a little push to get me to exercise more, and setting my daily activity goal on my phone keeps me in check with just how active I am throughout the day. The Arc buzzes when I've reached my daily steps goal of 10,000, which is always a rewarding experience!

Alizah Akiko


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