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Garmin 935 or Amazfit T-Rex 2 for triathletes?

I first heard of the Amazfit T-Rex 2 fitness smartwatch through their partnership with Escape from Alcatraz, and wanted to test it out - since it was known for its toughness. I compared the design, functions, and operating system with the Garmin 935 I have had since 2018. Here are some of the major pros and cons I found.

Set up: Super intuitive, with easy-to-follow instructions. Connects to Strava. 

How can I sync to Strava? Visit: How can I sync to Strava/Google fit/Apple health?

Screen: A major thumbs-up for the Amazfit T-Rex 2’s touchscreen! I had wanted to get an Apple watch for its touchscreen, but no longer need to take the leap now that Amazfit makes it possible. I am also a fan of the T-Rex 2’s broad customized watch face selections, with some installed on the watch and others easily downloadable from Amazfit’s Zepp App – a huge plus compared to Garmin, where I had to download screens from a third-party site.

Size: The Amazfit T-Rex 2 sports smartwatch is similar in size to the Garmin 935, yet the T-Rex 2 has a slightly thicker border. It’s thicker and heavier - more suitable for people who don't mind the rugged weight.

Buttons: Both smartwatches are equipped with four main control buttons:  two (up/down) on the left and two (select/back) on the right. The Garmin 935 has one extra "light" button on the left for screen light control, whereas the Amazfit T-Rex 2 offers different screen light modes, including night, theater, flashlight, etc. Overall, Garmin users will find it easier to operate this function with a single control button.

Swim: When it comes to my favorite activity, swimming, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 fares much better!

  • It measures my heart rate under water.
  • It allows me to choose a pool length that works for me quickly and easily.

These two are my main complaints about Garmin.

In addition, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 was able to detect my main strokes and display them on the screen, whereas the Garmin 935 displays only a mix of all strokes when detecting more than one stroke (the Apple Watch detects every stroke and displays their lengths accordingly). On the other hand, the touchscreen function is automatically disabled during swimming to avoid false detections. I haven’t yet tested the accuracy of my lap counts (my Garmin 935 would falsely detect a lap if I hit another swimmer or other  obstacles).

Want to learn more about the Amazfit T-Rex 2’s sports modes? Visit our Amazfit T-Rex 2 page

Run: GPS, speed, and elevation data are comparable. 

Heart rate: The heart rate data measured by the Amazfit T-Rex 2 was consistently lower than that of the Garmin 935. I had to use a fingertip pulse oximeter to verify which one was more accurate – the result measured by the Amazfit T-Rex 2 appeared to be closer to the actual data. 

If you are also willing to have the leverage of these features in just a single wristwatch, then you should definitely buy a smartwatch like the Amazfit T-Rex 2. With this smartwatch, you’ll get plenty of benefits, as I have experienced.

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