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Team Amazfit Athlete Spotlight: Jeramy Johnson

Among the athletes representing Team Amazfit this weekend in New York City is Jeramy Johnson, 47, of Austin, Texas.

Growing up and competing in soccer, football, and basketball, Jeramy was unfamiliar with competitive running and originally considered running to simply be "a form of punishment" during athletic practice. However, after being reintroduced to running by his future wife in his college years, he realized the true passion he felt for the sport.

Now, Jeramy is traveling to the Big Apple to take part in the NYC Marathon. What a change! To get more insight into his journey from general disdain for running to competing in a World Marathon Major, we naturally had a few questions for Jeramy.


Team Amazfit athlete Jeramy Johnson running in a race

Amazfit: You mentioned that you previously did not enjoy running at all. What changed and how long have you been training as a long-distance runner?
Jeramy: As a child, I was active, though not particularly athletic. I had always thought running was either punishment or for elite athletes and had never considered doing it casually for fun. That was until I met my wife in college, and she introduced me to the sport. I've had my ups and downs in training over the years, but I always come back to it, and miss it when I'm unable to run for whatever reason. Most of the time I'm a shorter-distance runner, so my long-distance training really only happens when I'm training for a marathon (like now!).

Amazfit: Who would you say is your role model?
Jeramy: When it comes to professional athletes, I really admire ultra-runners like Courtney Dauwalter and Kilian Jornet. But no one motivates me like my wife. She is also running the NYC Marathon, and I'm always amazed at how she can push herself to do those workouts that I honestly don't want to do.

Amazfit: It's so awesome that your wife inspired you to start running and still inspires you now. For those just starting out and looking for some motivation to run, what would you tell them?
Jeramy: First, I'd tell them not to listen to the haters or self-doubt; you absolutely can do this. It will be hard, you'll need time to properly train and prepare, but you absolutely can do this.


Jeramy Johnson and his wife running a race together


Amazfit: What made you decide to compete in the NYC Marathon this year and how have you been training for it?
Jeramy: I'd seen my wife participate in the past, and I'd always wanted to experience the energy and excitement of this race. I signed up for the lottery, and when I was chosen, I knew I had to do it! I've had some hiccups in my training this time around, from a back injury to ungodly hot weather in Central Texas this summer. But for the most part, I've just been trying to ramp up my mileage and time on foot.

Amazfit: How has your Amazfit Cheetah Pro integrated into your training plan?
Jeramy: My Amazfit Cheetah Pro is an immense help in my training, as it is not only an excellent training companion but will help me get a better holistic picture of my overall stress and readiness for the event. I want to make sure that I'm progressing as planned, and [pace and heart rate] are what I rely on in the moment to know how I'm doing, and how I should adjust in the race.

Amazfit: Just for fun, what are your favorite and least favorite foods?
Jeramy: I love TACOS! Mexican street tacos, Tex-Mex breakfast tacos, you name it. I just can't with kale... I mean, I've tried, but we're not compatible.


Jeramy Johnson showing off his Team Amazfit spirit with his Cheetah Pro watch


Aside from sharing his fitness journey and flavor palette with us, Jeramy stated that "saying no" to things that don't add value to his life has helped him avoid a lot of unnecessary stress and helped him maintain harmony in life. That is advice we could all live by!

Jeramy also noted that he would love to someday visit New Zealand, Switzerland, or Chile and that he enjoys natural beauty when sightseeing and exploring new places. If you share his love for nature, then you might find some camaraderie in our Outdoor Facebook group, or perhaps join the discussion with other marathon runners in the Sports Facebook group!

We hope you will join us in cheering on Jeramy this Sunday at the NYC Marathon! Thank you for reading.

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