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Amazfit’s Affiliate Program - Join Us!

We’re excited to launch the Amazfit Affiliate Program. This program allows you to earn commission on all product sales directed from your site, content or referrals. Once signed up, share and post as normal, add in an Amazfit banner or provide an affiliate link, and you’re set!  

What Does It Mean To Be An Affiliate?
Becoming an affiliate is easy. Pending approval, you’ll simply place Amazfit’s banners or links in your content. When someone clicks on the ad or link and purchases an item from our online store, you’ll earn commission on the sale. To learn more about how and when you get paid apply to the program via the link below.

How Does Amazfit Support Its Affiliates?
Amazfit supports its affiliates by creating engaging product assets that affiliates are encouraged to use when sharing their product recommendations with friends, family and their audiences. 

Apply now: Click HERE

  1. Apply through CJ 
  2. Wait for approval  
  3. Add our banners or links and start earning commission
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