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Productivity With Your Amazfit Smartwatch

There are many methods to choose from
 to increase productivity. With a popular option being the Pomodoro Technique, Amazfit includes a Pomodoro Tracker on a handful of its devices. 

Listed as one of Fast Company’s seven scheduling strategies for productivity, the Pomodoro Technique starts by blocking out time for uninterrupted work on a specific task, followed by a short break. Prior to starting a Pomodoro session, plan ahead and choose the task(s) to focus on during the allotted time block. Here’s what a typical Pomodoro session looks like: 

  1. Pick a task to focus on 
  2. Set a timer for 25-30 minutes, and start working and focus on the task without any disruptions 
  3. When the buzzer sounds, take a short 3-5 min break
  4. Repeat steps 1-3
  5. After a few sessions, take a longer break

The Amazfit Bip U, Amazfit Bip U Pro and Amazfit GTS2 mini feature a Pomodoro Tracker to help you reach your productivity goals. Here’s a quick guide on how to set up and use it on your smartwatch:  

  1. Open up the Apps menu 
  2. Scroll and click ‘More’ at the bottom 
  3. Choose ‘Pomodoro Tracker’ 
  4. Set concentration time and hit button to start 
  5. Once the concentration time is up the watch will vibrate
  6. Set break time and hit button to start 
  7. Once the break time is up the watch will vibrate

While a standard Pomodoro session typically uses 25-30 minute concentration increments, Amazfit’s Pomodoro Tracker allows you to customize your session and break lengths for what best fits your productivity needs.

Tip! If your Amazfit device doesn’t have the Pomodoro Tracker as a built in app, you can still use this method with the standard timer on your smartwatch or smartphone.

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