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Team Amazfit Athlete Spotlight: Kevin Gutierrez

Joining the ranks of Team Amazfit, alongside six other athletes at the 2023 Chicago Marathon, was Kevin Gutierrez. Kevin, 25, is originally from Los Angeles and, like many other long distance runners, he is eager to complete the full series of World Marathon Majors.

Since beginning his marathon training in November 2019, Kevin has run the Los Angeles Marathon three times, setting his previous personal record of 3:37:58 at this year's race. He has also now competed in the San Francisco and Honolulu Marathons, in addition to the Chicago Marathon this month. In the spirit of continuously breaking limits, he just set a new PR for himself in Chicago, finishing the race in 3:24:56!

Kevin shared with us his journey as a marathon competitor, how his Amazfit watch fits into his training routine, and how he likes to unwind.

Amazfit: Kevin, thanks for joining Team Amazfit in this race. What motivated you to compete in the Chicago Marathon this year?
Kevin: Chicago was my first marathon major. The vibrant atmosphere and the challenge of the course, combined with the opportunity to be part of such a prestigious event, were strong motivating factors. The motivation to run stems from a combination of personal goals and a desire to challenge myself.
Amazfit: Aside from your desire to challenge yourself, what inspires you as an athlete?
Kevin: As an athlete, I find inspiration in the stories of individuals who overcome challenges to achieve their goals. The resilience of fellow runners and their diverse backgrounds fuels my own determination.

"The resilience of fellow runners and their diverse backgrounds fuels my own determination."

Amazfit: That's a beautiful sentiment. Do you have any role models you look up to as an athlete?
Kevin: Eliud Kipchoge is someone I look up to for his exceptional achievements in the running world. He is known for his disciplined lifestyle, adhering to a strict training schedule, proper nutrition, and adequate rest. His work ethic and commitment to his craft set a high standard for aspiring athletes.
Amazfit: How has your Amazfit watch factored into your training?
Kevin: The Amazfit Cheetah Pro smartwatch serves as a valuable tool in my training arsenal. Its advanced features play a crucial role in optimizing my workouts and enhancing my overall performance. The smartwatch's comprehensive fitness metrics and insights help me make data-driven decisions, allowing for more effective and efficient training sessions.
Amazfit: We're glad to hear it's been helpful! So, how do you find balance between training and the other aspects of your life?
Kevin: Finding balance in life is essential to me, and I achieve it through a combination of mindful practices and intentional choices. Prioritizing my physical well-being, I ensure to maintain a consistent workout routine that not only supports my athletic goals but also serves as a stress reliever. Equally important is nurturing my mental health; I set aside time for relaxation, meditation, or engaging in activities that bring joy and tranquility.

Kevin also stays active by trail running and cycling, but it's not all about the grind for him. In his downtime, Kevin is an avid reader and loves to crack open books about legendary athletes and historical narratives that shaped sports as we know them today. He also prioritizes maintaining meaningful connections with his friends and family, which he says provides him with an emotional support system that further enriches his life.

We want to thank Kevin for being part of Team Amazfit at the 2023 Chicago Marathon and we wish him success in all his athletic and personal endeavors. Join our Amazfit Sports or Outdoor Facebook groups today to connect with other athletes and share your own story. We'll see you there!
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