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New Workout Modes Available for the Amazfit GTR 2 and Amazfit GTS 2


We’ve rolled out a firmware update for users who own an Amazfit GTR 2 or Amazfit GTS 2. This update includes additional support to workout modes and also expands the list of workout modes from 12 to 90. 

Update Notes

  • Adds workout detection[1]: The watch detects when you begin a workout and will record the session within 60-90 seconds of starting. The workout will be recorded in the background and available to view in the Zepp app after the session is completed. Notifications will not be pushed during the workout, keeping your session uninterrupted. 
  • Supports up to 90 workout modes: The list of workout modes to choose from on the watch increases from 12 to 90, and offers users more specific tracking on a variety of activities. 
  • Supports workout list editing: Edit workout list on the watch and add the workout modes you use most for quick access.  
  • Adds system languages: Catalan, Czech, Greek, Serbian, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Arabic.
  • Watch screen no longer automatically activates when a new message arrives.

See below for step-by-step instructions on how to access the firmware update. For additional questions on the firmware update process, please reach out to our support team here

How to Update the Firmware on your Amazfit Device
Amazfit takes pride in continuing to provide our users with the best possible experience, even after initial product set up. One way we do this is by offering firmware/OTA updates for our products--this allows us to keep your software up-to-date, resolve bugs if they pop up or roll out new features.

Steps to Update

  1. Be sure to have the Zepp App [Google Play | Apple Store] downloaded on your phone, and double check that the app is updated to the most current version.
  2. Once in the Zepp App, tap the ‘Profile’ icon located at the bottom right.
  3. From the ‘My Devices’ list, select the device that you are looking to update.
  4. Scroll down to the ‘System Update’ section and tap it.   

After you have initiated the System Update, please keep the app open and wait until the process has finished. It should take a few minutes to complete. 

[1]Workout detection is available for 6 sports modes: Outdoor Running, Treadmill, Walking, Outdoor Cycling, Pool Swimming, and Elliptical


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